Big Moss Augusta Putting Green – 4 x 12 Feet

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4/5 on Feb 11, 2015

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22 reviews


  • Augusta features a 4'x12' Putting Green and Chipping Mat
  • Break SnakeTM  included
  • Large, premium putting green for indoor use
  • Backstop with Velcro
  • 2 chip balls with limited flight
  • Easy to set up


  • Costlier than other greens on the market


The Putting Green 4 x 12 is the most popular practice green manufactured and sold by Big Moss. The guys at Big Moss are well known for their premium putting and chipping greens. They have developed one of the world’s best Short Game practice system. Now you can practice and learn how to lower your score without spending a lot of money on all sorts of expensive equipment and plenty of time at the range.

Versatile for different uses

The Big Moss Augusta Putting Green 4 x 12 is a premium green that can be used for putting and for chipping. Its size—not too big and not too small makes it a perfect entertainment addition to any room. In fact, the turf is adequately large for you to break putts and perfect your straight lines.  Augusta offers unmatched flexibility for all year round indoor practice and teaching.

Premium construction

All Big Moss putting Greens are made by hand in the U.S. using proprietary materials and manufacturing processes and the Big Moss Augusta Putting Green 4 x 12 is not any different. The surface of the turf is wrinkle free and offers a smooth true roll down grain just like natural green grass. The turf is also much thicker and denser than the cheap type of green. You can tell the superior quality just from looking and feeling it. The green is also portable allowing you to move it from one room to another or from your house to your office and back without any hassles. You do not need any extra tools to set this up!

Proprietary Break SnakeTM

Few putting greens come with specially made breaks. The  Big Moss Augusta Putting Green 4 x 12 features the Break Snake™, one of the best features of this practice green. The Break Snake is a flexible foam strip that can be placed beneath the turf to create breaks that you will find both fun and challenging. This is a great way to practice the value of speed in your putts. In addition to a putting green, Augusta comes with a 12’x12’ chipping mat that simulates the margins of a putting green. This way, you can utilize greenside chips.

You may end up paying more for this green, but you will definitely see where that extra buck has gone.