Review of the coffee machine Saeco GranBaristo Avanti HD8969

The history of the Italian company Saeco, a manufacturer of systems for making coffee and coffee and milk drinks, began more than thirty years ago, in 1981. She received an order for a well-known version on the market for such devices, and it can be found both in offices and among private users.

Philips, Saeco, however, has been decisively returning to the Saeco brand since 2012. And, of course, the Philips name contains packaging, an information resource, and an Internet resource at

Currently, several Saeco serial coffee machines are being produced, which differ in various ways and in the degree of automation of the process of preparing coffee drinks, starting with the simplest Poemia handheld machines, mainly intended for making espresso, and ending with the HD8969 / 01 coffee machine provided to us from the top GranBaristo Avanti series 8969. there can only be a whole set of coffee-based drinks that can be controlled using a tablet computer via Bluetooth.

What coffee to brew in Saeco GranBaristo Avanti HD8969

You have given only a short and generalized description. As a rule, they have their own capsules, they also have sizes. Of course, the main thing is that the amount of coffee should be constant: different types of coffee drinks are usually prepared on the basis of the bookmark, so each capsule contains 6–9 grams of ground beans.

They are easy to recognize by their unique shape – in appearance they resemble disks. Each one contains a barcode. The machine reads it and makes a drink with the required flow of water and time. The brand has implemented a completely different brewing technology compared to competitors. Coffee powder is not compressed, which eliminates the need for high water pressure. The taste and aroma is extracted much easier. The packaging contains the correct dosage of coffee – 9 g. Capsules are available online for sale and Nespresso compatible capsules something like this. Several types of flavors are available in our market:

  • black coffee – three types;
  • cocoa – one species;
  • coffee with milk – three types,
  • including large-volume latte macchiato per 300 ml mug;
  • tea – four types (green, berry, etc.);
  • hot chocolate; milk.

If you think that advertising phrases do not have such value as the taste and unsurpassed taste of the resulting drinks. Therefore, we had to comprehend a lot. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to make high-quality photos of the internal capsules.

Making coffee in Saeco GranBaristo Avanti HD8969

We have already described, so we stopped at some possibilities.

First of all, you need to make one more remark if you want the coffee machine to be installed on a table of normal height. It was a slight slope.

The review of the LCD screen is quite sufficient (horizontal, perhaps even less), the margin of brightness and contrast is decent, and we do not have any other requirements for reading information from the screen.

Entering standby mode, including warming up and automatic rinsing takes a little more than a minute.

Coffee containers not only have sloping days, but also vibrate during grinding, so that the grains completely pour out into the outlet.

It’s great that when there is no more coffee in the tray, and even in a mountain grinder there can be a maximum of 1-2 grains, enough coffee is left in the machine to make a serving of espresso. It’s not scary if it is provided with the grains left between the coffee grinders, but worse if the remains of ready-made coffee are used: experts say that the break between grinding and preparation should be minimal; several hours (for example, at night).

Therefore, after a break in the use of the coffee machine, you can use the coffee cleaning function, which is available in the section “Tech. service »The menu indicates that no coffee is provided in this cycle. It is still thrown into the waste bin.

It is recommended to keep in the refrigerator. If the coffee is not lazy, it can simply remove the coffee container with the lid and keep it in the refrigerator.