Prom date gifts for your teenage girlfriend

Prom Date Gift under $100

Go the traditional route by gifting your sweetheart a wrist corsage or bouquet of flowers. She’ll love that she can keep either one for several days after the gala.

Alternatively, opt for jewelry, such as a prom ring that she can wear in remembrance of the dance for years to come. Find out the color of her dress before the event and choose a ring that matches to it. A pretty choice is the pink sea glass ring with fine silver wire design.

TIP: Find out her ring size without ruining the surprise by asking her friends if they know the size. If they haven’t got a clue, ask beg them to ask her nonchalantly. Alternatively, swipe an old ring of hers to take to the jewelers with you to get a matching size. Just be sure to choose a ring that isn’t overly significant to her so she won’t be worried if she notices it missing.

Prom Date Gift under $500​

You’ve been saving money from your part-time job after school just to get her something special to celebrate prom. Only now you’re not sure what to get! Let us help. Impress her with a new digital camera to record all of the outrageous and romantic moments during the epic evening.

The Nikon COOLPIX is a great camera for your teen girlfriend because it’s smaller than the typical digital camera so it can fit in her purse. The device is comfortable to use, 34x optical zoom, high-res LCD, and even takes full HD 1080p videos. 

It’s the gift that keeps on giving as she can use the camera for months afterward. Get ready for lots of couples poses that she’ll later post on Facebook and Instagram.

​Or, if she’s a girlie girl, why not shock and awe her with the Kate Spade New York for Minnie Mouse clutch purse. It features a bow clasp fashioned after Minnie Mouse and has glittery fabric with leather trim. She’ll ooh and ahh over the 14-karat gold-plated hardware, while you revel in the kisses that she plants on you.

Prom Date Gift under $1000​

Graduation is a big deal, and you’re going to show her the true meaning of “celebrate” with the ultimate in gifts for girlfriends at prom! What are we talking about? A bling watch is a high-end gift that this gal of yours will love wearing. 

Tell her it’s about “time” you two are graduating from high school and entering the next phase of your life together with the Michael Kors MK5660 Women’s Watch. It is durable, made of stainless steel, goes easily with her wardrobe, and mixes classic with modern fashion appeal. This timepiece will stand the test of time because it’s such high quality.

Looking for another option? Rent a limo for a few hours before the graduation ceremony or dance begins. Have the Mercedes or other primo car pull up in front of her house with you already sitting inside in your tux. Take a grand tour of the city before grad even starts.

TIP: Make your limo reservation far enough in advance to ensure you get the best car in the fleet. We’re talking as far back as when you first find out the date for grad! Confirm the reservation a week before the event to avoid last-minute disappointment because of a lost booking. Check out if the company offers extras like food, satellite radio, etc., and state any preferences. Remember to leave the limo driver a tip too.