President’s Day Snow Won’t Stop This Heated Stair Mat

Winter won’t ruin your plans, even on President’s Day. Snow is here, and that’s fine because you have the HeatTrak snow-melting heated stair mat. Oh, you don’t have these mats yet? Here’s why you should get them now.

Even when the snow forecast for the presidential holiday comes true, you can still avoid the death trap that is also known as the front steps of the house that you have to shovel constantly. You can’t stop the snow and ice from happening, but you can make your steps more manageable in the winter months (and avoid throwing out your back again while shoveling).

The residential HeatTrak snow and ice heated stair mat is one heck of a clever item. Each 10in x 30in mat runs off electricity and uses a six-foot power cord. The mats melt the snow and ice on contact. No more worry about slipping on the stairs or worrying about salting the stairs. Your buddies will thank you as they enter your man cave to play foosball.

The mats are made of durable SBR rubber to withstand those horrible weather conditions we get in the coldest months of the year and have great grip. Plus, they’re super easy to install too; just lay them flat on the stairs of choice and plug the 120V HeatTrak Power Unit (sold separately) into an electric outlet. Turn them on from outside using the power unit. That’s it!

Use just one or get a mat for each stair. Simply daisy-chain them together with a cable to heat each stair. You can even connect them to the HeatTrak door mat or walkway mats.

Both the electric heating stair mat and door mat melt two inches of snow per hour. You’ll finally have steps free of ice and snow. You don’t have to fuss over the waterproof mats either as they can simply stay outdoors the entire winter season. Then pack them away for use next year.

No more salting or shoveling stairs sound good to us… As does a Whiskey Sour in the den. See you inside.