Pneumatic Or Electric Nail Gun – Which One Should I Purchase?

When trying to choose between a pneumatic and electric nail gun, opinions largely differ. We are trying to shed some light for you in the below breakdown of Pros an Cons.

Pros Of An Electric Nail Gun:

  • It is lighter compared to the pneumatic gun thus enabling you to use it for a long period of time without experiencing fatigue than you will encounter using an air operated nail gun.
  • It is cordless. If you purchase a cordless electric nail gun, you will not have a cord or a hose to drag around behind you, which is not safe considering the fact that you are working in a hazardous environment.
  • Operates with minimum noise – this is very important especially if you will be using it in a residential area. You do not need to buy a loud air compressor, therefore the operation of an electric nail gun is much quieter than that of a pneumatic nail gun.
  • Low Cost-corded electric nail gun costs 25 percent less than a comparable pneumatic nail gun. Cordless nail guns, cordless electric nail guns however will be more expensive than a pneumatic one.
  • Has no messy oils – all pneumatic tools require oil to ensure smooth operation, this is mainly done to prevent them from rusting and lubrication of the internal gears. Electric nail guns do not require any lubrication.

Cons Of An Electric Nail Gun:

  • Power Supply
    if you are performing an in depth remodelling project, you may be required to turn off the power supply on the working site. That means that you will need some power cord extensions to ensure supply for your electric nail gun.  With a pneumatic nailer, you simply need to plug your compressor to a power source and run a cord to the working site to ensure operation.
  • Low Operating Power
    most of the cordless and corded nailers have less impact power than what a pneumatic nail gun can deliver. This means that you may have to use a hammer to ensure that the nails are driven in to place properly.
  • Prone To Damage
    Electric nailers are more susceptible to damage, compared to pneumatic ones. Pneumatic nail guns are suited for a heavy duty construction because they are able to withstand the harsh environments. 
  • Battery Working Life Span
    When you choose to utilize a cordless nailer, you will have to replace the batteries regularly. To ensure proper operation you are required to have three batteries.
  • Overall Battery Life Span
    Cordless nail guns requires a lot of power to ensure proper operation. Thus it requires you to change the batteries frequently before they are completely dead. Utilizing these batteries for a long time decreases their efficient overall output thus limiting the amount of work it can handle.

There you have it! If you are looking to purchase a nail gun, take a look at our framing nail gun reviews!