On-Demand Massage App Launches, But This is Better (and Cheaper)

MassageClicks, an on-demand massage app, launched this week in Jacksonville, Florida, offering same-day service by sending licensed massage therapists to customers’ homes or other desired locations. It’s a solution that’s prompted by the high stress levels of many Americans, who seek to unwind and recharge easier than ever with massages on demand.

But, what if you’re not comfortable with a stranger touching your body in such an intimate way? Or, what if you don’t want someone you’re just meeting for the first time stepping into your home or office? You also might not have the bucks to afford a massage therapist. Heck, maybe you just want a good old-fashioned foot rub, without having to whine to your gal to give you one.

Aha, that’s where the Sharper Image Warming Foot Massager comes in to save the day. It massages your achy feet so well that you’ll swear it’s a professional masseuse’s hands on them. Minus the cost of your spa appointment, of course, as the product is only about $50 and you can use it again and again.

This particular massager is a beauty, featuring options for vibration and heat. There are two different switches, one for massage and one for heat. Use vibration only, heat only, or go for the works and use them both together. You can also alter between low and high massage speeds (without offending the masseuse). Customize your massage, right in your den. We think the heat option is awesome for keeping our toes toasty warm in the chilly winter months.

As with any quality foot massager, you get a range of health and well-being benefits, including a relaxation aid, better blood circulation, and relief for swollen feet. Also, use the Sharper Image massager just before bedtime to help your body unwind and improve your sleep quality.

The fully enclosed foot pockets are super comfy, with a strong, raised base to fit both feet at once. The ergonomic design is great, and the dark tan color will fit well with your manly décor. It’s another cool accessory for your man cave. The slippers design fits men’s shoe sizes up to 11.

When you want a massage in your lair, sure there’s an app for that, but the Sharper Image Warming Foot Massager trumps a masseuse any day.