Not Enough Storage Space? Check Out This Secret Cabinet

Shhhh it’s a secret. But it’s too good not to share!

You know how your closets, cabinets, and drawers are already brimming with items? Yes, we’re in the same boat (let’s name the boat “Eyesore”). While we would love to bring more shelving into the man cave, we simply don’t have room for it. Or so we thought. Check out this clever secret storage unit and see how it can add valuable storage to your lair just like with ours.

The Cabidor Classic Storage Cabinet has an ingenious design. It is made to mount behind any standard door in your house so that no one will see it unless they fully close the door. It’s a concealed compartment!

The slim cabinet is highly functional too with its 8 shelves (6 adjustable and 2 fixed). The Cabidor Classic can store the equivalent of up to 5 standard medicine cabinets. Customize the shelving according to what you want to put in it, which could be anything from grooming supplies to kitchen spices. The cabinet even includes 8 retention rods to keep big items securely in place when it moves with the door.

What, it moves with the door? Yuppers. This cool cabinet attaches to the door with patented hinge technology. Don’t worry, it leaves no scuff marks or holes on the door’s surface.

The Cabidor Classic is concealed from view when you don’t want it seen and simply swings open for easy access when you want what’s inside it. Easy! See it in action in the video below.

You won’t be giving up any floor or wall space either with the white Cabidor Classic Storage Cabinet. It is trim, measuring 70in tall by 16in wide, with a 4in depth.

Made of wood, the behind-door storage cabinet hangs in just minutes. There are no special tools required, which is nice if you’re not a big DIY guy or pressed for time (because you have important video games to play).

By the way, Cabidor isn’t a one-trick pony. They also offer concealed Chalk Board Storage, Mirrored Behind Door Storage, and Mirrored Storage. You can see those options through the top link too.

Now we’ll leave you to your mission to banish clutter in your man cave once and for all. We’ll meet you after we finish this cold brew.