U Can’t Touch This, Toilet Style

Sure, rapper MC Hammer made it big with the hit song U Can’t Touch This, but he probably never thought it would apply to a toilet! It does, though, when you use the Kohler K-1954-0 Touchless Toilet Flush Kit.

There’s no more holding down the handle to flush the toilet or bending over to flush it. It’s a touchless device that auto flushes for you.

It’s not that we’re lazy but… OK, who are we kidding, we’re slackers most of the time. So anytime we can save a step is a reason to cheer (provided the cheering doesn’t take much effort, of course). That’s a big reason we’re getting the Touchless Toilet Flush Kit for our lair.

With this device on your toilet, you’ll also save having to touch the germy toilet that you can’t remember the last time you cleaned. Your hands stay clean, and we think MC Hammer would approve of that part!

Simply wave your hand over the top of the toilet tank to activate the sensor. Watch your turds float down the bowl and outa sight. Feel free to yell out, “bombs away” as you wave your hand like a magician.

As the video above shows, the kit is a cinch to install; it only takes about 15 minutes. The small black sensor simply mounts to the inside of the toilet tank, just above its water line. Then you wave your hand above that part of the tank (with the lid on) when you’re ready to see the swirling water. It retrofits a standard toilet and works with most canister and flapper toilets.

You get everything you need for the installation in the Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit. It comes with the sensor (d’uh), flush actuating wheel, and four AA batteries to power the flush job. Depending how often you take a dump or pee, the batteries will last up to 12 months. A beep sounds as you flush when the batteries get low, reminding you to replace them soon.

Gotta love technology, especially in the bathroom!