A New Parent? A Guide To Actually Survive An Infant

Come out alive! It’s treacherous territory having an infant in the house (or anywhere else, for that matter). Now you can learn from the mistakes of other parents in The Infant Survival Guide book by Robert Oram.

It’s not like being a new parent is hard or anything, right? NOT!

It’s like going into a minefield and wondering when the next dirty diaper or vomit will be flung your way. It’s not safe out there, so it’s best to be armed with the knowledge of what others in your same situation have gone through already.

Read about how to avoid oops and f*ck ups with The Infant Survival Guide. It includes funny illustrations by Brielle Wilchinsky of what not to do along with the stories of baby-handling gone wrong. Chuckle at the pictures of right and wrong in a range of situations, while secretly thinking that you just saved yourself a lot of time by not doing what is shown as being wrong on the page.

You’ll navigate the world with a bit of experience on your side when you have this book on your coffee table (which you still have to baby proof, by the way). You may want to lock it away in a drawer though so baby can’t break into it and snatch away your wise reference book from you. Hey, stranger things have happened (as you will soon find out in the book).

Get 88 pages of tips, tricks, and information on raising a baby in The Infant Survival Guide. If you’re a new parent or know someone who is, the hardcover book is a must-read. It’s even small enough to toss in your backpack as you head out of the man cave. If you find yourself with questions about showing off your baby or preparing the little one’s bottle, you’ll find help in these pages. And it’s not a boring read with the hilarious drawings and clever writing!

Besides, you’ll need something entertaining to read now that you only sleep an hour a night…