Why These Wayfarer Light Up Glasses are Way Cool

This is one heck of a “bright” idea!

The Wayfarer Light Up Glasses from Neon Nightlife are an awesome fashion statement at clubs, bars, concerts, Halloween parties, or Mardi Gras. You’ll turn heads with these illuminating glasses that feature neon frames.

The composite frame and lens make this eyewear lightweight and sturdy, even when you’re jumping around like a crazy dude while wearing them. Make a flashy entrance anywhere you go, especially in darker environments that really make the frames pop. Neon Nightlife offers the glowing frames in orange or aqua.

These clear lens glasses have three settings, to give you lots of options for your personal light show. There’s Full On, Slow Blink, or Fast Blink. Stand out in a crowd like never before! You’ll never worry about having trouble hailing a taxi again or your friends spotting you at a big event.

The non-polarized Wayfarer glasses have a timeless style. Guess that’s why the Wayfarer style that began with RayBan has been going strong since the 1950s. We always link them to Tom Cruise in “Risky Business.” Move over Cruise, cause there’s a new pair in town.

Don’t worry about lugging around a bunch of clunky wires either. The bright eyewear powers through a controller that takes two AA batteries and fits easily into your pocket. You can also clip the batter pack to your belt or anything else from the waist up. With full batteries, you’ll get about 24 hours of glow.

Even though they’re inspired by RayBan’s original Wayfarers, this neon style is a heck of a lot cheaper alternative at only about $25. They are one size fits all. Wear the glasses to easily start a conversation with that hot chick who always seems to leave you tongue-tied. And, with the clear lenses, you can easily make sexy eye contact with her as you follow these 5 pickup rules. The Light Up Glasses even come with a 90-day warranty. Impressive? Our thoughts exactly. Who says neon was a thing of the past?