MUZO Cobblestone Music System Proves Kickstarter Works

Kick your dream into high gear with Kickstarter, the largest funding platform in the world. That’s exactly what MUZO did with its Cobblestone Wi-Fi Audio Receiver in 2014. Fast forward to today and the campaign has officially surpassed its $100,000 campaign goal ($103,948 to date) AND successfully launched the music system. Awesome to the max.

Here’s what’s so great about this audio receiver. It makes your speakers wireless. Go ahead and read that again. With the Wi-Fi receiver, you can fully control the music pumping through your speakers without needing to connect any more irritating cables.

It’s all about the Wi-Fi, baby! Control your favorite songs via the MUZO Player App and get a stable connection over your home Wi-Fi connection. There’s no complex setup either. Simply connect your MUZO Cobblestone to your amp, receiver, or speaker through the app and you’re good to go in your man cave. Acess the app on your smartphone or tablet. Ta-da!

Stream your tunes of choice, from The Beatles “Hello Goodbye” (we dig Ringo Starr’s drum performance) to “Creep” by Radiohead. It’s wireless streaming at its best and, ahem, we haven’t even gotten to the multi-room function… yet.

Hey, having a home music theater isn’t anything to scoff about. Stream synchronized music into different rooms in your home with just one app selection. While you’re on the user-friendly app, control volume and select the songs you want to listen to right now. Oh, and it has Spotify Connect, making your audio experience even sweeter. Your Cobblestone also supports Pandora, Apple AirPlay, DLNA, iHeartRadio (Beta), and TuneIn.

All of this via a deceivingly simple-looking gray, stone-shaped audio receiver. Did we mention it’s only the size of a cobblestone too? Don’t worry about another big device to fit into your man cave. It’s only 5.5″L x 5.5″W x 1.2″H.

Say buh-bye to speaker wires and helllllo to MUZO Cobblestone. This kick-ass audio gear is proof Kickstarter can propel dreams into reality.