Finally, Tactical Earbuds That Keep Up With Your Workouts

You’ve got your workouts down to a fine art, altering between gym time and the outdoors. The only problem is that your earphones keep falling off your ears when you’re right in the middle of your sweaty workout sessions. Talk about annoying and distracting from your exercise goals. Sound familiar?

If so, wipe away your tears and lean in to hear about this sweet pair of earbuds that are just too good not to share. Hell, there’s a reason they have the word “tactical” in their name. They actually stay in place; imagine that?! They also deliver crystal clear sound quality. We’re talking about the Munito NINES Tactical Earphones.

There’s no distortion to the sound like you get with so many other earbuds. Instead, enjoy unmatched sound purity. These babies will even cancel out the noise around you, so it’s just you and your favorite beats as you exercise. Maintain your focus, whether you’re on a run, the treadmill, lifting weights, or another exercise.

Also, there’s a 3-button mic control to adjust the music volume, as well as make and receive hands-free calls while you exercise. After all, there’s nothing worse than sweating all over the phone you’re holding up to your ear (shivers). The mic option is compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You can hook it up to an Android device too, but the volume button isn’t compatible.

Kudos to Munito for the sweet NINES Tactical Earphones. They even look like black bullets; talk about badass.

And don’t forget about the 9mm speaker drivers with great range and fast recovery, thanks to the rare-earth neodymium magnets. As for the Bass Enhancing Chamber and customizable Sound Flow System, they give you accurate bass and smooth frequency response, with a great range within each feature.

The Silicone Hollow Points are what give these buds the secure and comfortable fit that we like so much. We also appreciate the clarity of the sound that helps keep away ear fatigue. You’ll also notice you won’t have to crank up the volume to hear Snoop Dogg as much as you did with non-tactical competitors. We don’t joke when it comes to audio gear.

And during your most strenuous workouts, you won’t have to worry about the earphone wire shorting or stretching because reinforced Kevlar fabric cable covers the copper wire. Sorry Beats, it looks like you have competition for the Earbuds Of The Year title!