Move Over Angry Birds, Here Comes The Bionic Bird

Sure, Angry Birds was a hit, but this remote control bionic flying bird is frickin’ genius. It’s a drone-and-a-half or drone-to-the-max… You’ll get the picture once we explain more about it.

The drone bird communicates via Bluetooth 4 to a 100-meter range. Just use the Flying App application via the Apple App Store or Google Play. So, why does this Bionic Bird, created by Edwin Van Ruymbeke, blow other radio-controlled gadgets out of the water? (Excuse the pun)

Let’s start with the portable, egg-shaped charger. Sit your bird atop the egg and, voila, in only 12 minutes, your bird is fully juiced up and ready to go – not into the oven but the sky! Magnetic contact with the egg charges the bird (how cool is that?) for up to 10 flights of eight minutes max each. Once you’re done with the egg, simply slip it into your pocket until you need it next. Egg-cellent.

How exactly does your high-tech Bionic Bird take flight? Get a load of this, guys: simply hold your bird in your hand and release it in the direction you want it to go. Use touch controls on the intuitive app to adjust the bird’s speed and sound as you live vicariously through its flight – which you can see via the bird’s embedded HD camera that shows you a live video feed.

Wait, did we mention its shock-absorbent wings even flap during flight, just like a real bird? Check this out:

You can even try flying it indoors if you dare to do so in your man cave. We recommend adjusting the tail angle in this case for a slower flight. Outdoors, you can angle it again to increase speed. The ultra-light bird’s body is made of indestructible foam while its tail and wings comprise of replaceable carbon fiber.

And don’t freak out about running your robotic bird into a window or tree as it conveniently comes with a second pair of wings. Your inner klutz is smiling, isn’t it?  And the nature lover in you will appreciate that the Bionic Bird is the only flying object that won’t scare birds.

Want to take to the sky? Thanks to this smart technology, now you can.