Mother’s day gift ideas for a girlfriend in her thirties

Gift ideas under $100

The classic breakfast in bed on May 8th never gets old for any mom. Let her sleep in an extra hour and then when she tries to rise out of bed tell her gently that you will bring her meal to her this morning. The present involves one tray, one (big) mug of coffee), pancakes with maple syrup, sliced up orange, and a romantic kiss from hubby. Ask your little one, if they are old enough, to help you serve the meal on Mother’s Day.

If the woman in your life is always making notes for work and to-do lists around the house, a useful present is a notebook full of quality lined paper for her to take notes easily. This cute 3-book bundle has chic designs, coordinate together, and includes “hello gorgeous!” on one of the covers. Now she has a series of notebooks to tide her over till next year. Perfect!

Another inexpensive present for your woman on Mother’s Day is a personalized throw pillow with the initials of all of her kids on it. Choose the size and paint color, depending which room you plan to put it. This gift for mom is a great nod to your loving family.

Gift ideas under $500

Mom deserves a night out! For your girlfriend or wife, an amazing present this year is a three-course dinner at a classy restaurant. See if you can book the best table in the dining room when you make the reservation a month in advance. For any new mother, having a night out feeling like a princess can be heavenly after countless diaper changes (who knew that newborns could poop green?).

A slight variation of this romantic night out is to book a dinner cruise for two. Enjoy a relaxing evening on the water, which includes a delicious meal. The view will make a one-of-kind dining experience. Then when this wonderful woman is back at the changing table, she’ll have a nice memory that helps keep her energy up and a smile on her face.

Gift ideas under $1000

If your other half is a techie, here are some awesome gifts for her. As a mom, she is likely on the go a lot. If so, she is bound to like the Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag with Light. It combines fashion with technology, featuring an illuminating interior and USB port to plug in her phone. The update on the iconic purse is great, and it looks classy from the outside too with the rose gold-plated hardware.

Or maybe a better idea for the new mom is to step into femininity with a pair of custom-made heels from True Gault. Simply use the app to scan her feet and create custom shoes for her. Then take your girl for a fitting in NYC or Rochester, New York, where the showrooms are located, or to a “True Gault 3D” fitting appointment.