Take Your Back From Bear to Bare Skin

Here’s the thing about being a guy with a hairy back. It’s difficult to shave the hairs all the way back there. Sure, you could ask your wife, girlfriend, or a close friend to do it, but, well, it would give them nightmares. There’s the professional waxing option at a salon too, although that can be hard on the wallet.

So, what’s a bear of a guy to do? Get the BaKBlade, of course. It’s a back shaver with an extra-long handle so you can DIY your own smooth back. Hell yeah.

You’re in control now – watch out! All you’ll need is the BaKBlade and mirrors propped around you to see your back from every angle as you shave it.

Say goodbye to paying your buddy in the form of cans of beer for the shaving help. You’ll be saving some time too as the BaKBlade is easy to use, thanks to its ergonomic design. It has an actual blade, so it gives you the bare skin you want to have. Get a smooth shave rather the stubble that would come with using electric clippers or scissors instead.

Want to see the BaKBlade in action? Here you go:

The way the shaver is designed, it won’t rip back hairs but instead gently grabs and cuts them. The blade is 4″ wide so that it can pull as much hair as possible in the least amount of strokes. For your upper back, shave in the upward direction to help avoid ingrown hairs. For the lower back, flip the razor, so it now points the opposite way. Easily reach all areas of your back (and your shoulders and arms too).

Hey, by the second shaving session you’ll be a pro with this long-handled beauty of a shaver. Your back will be so smooth that your next date (if she’s lucky enough to see you shirtless) will be all over you. The length of the BaKBlade from the razor to the end of the handle is 14″. It is 4.5″ wide and 2″ thick. Just in case you think size really does matter.