May The Fork Be With You

And then the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens released in movie theaters. And you ate it up.

Now you can have all the Star Wars you can stomach with this awesome 3-piece Lightsaber flatware set, exclusively from ThinkGeek. Yup, you can geek out during a meal – we’ll join you soon as we plan to get a set of our own too.

Each utensil features a different lightsaber as its handle; there’s Luke’s lightsaber hilt on the fork, Yoda’s lightsaber hilt on the spoon, and Vader’s on the knife. Check out the intricate details.

Mix a little more galaxy goodness into your next meal with this officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise. Imagine eating your cereal with the Yoda-inspired spoon. Eat more, you must. Oh, how Yoda talk warms our hearts.

Put a fork in us, we’re done now that we’ve seen this stainless steel flatware set that is so out of this world that it belongs in your stellar man cave. Note: The utensils do not light up, but the light side is not always about being flashy. Pretty sure Hans Solo said that somewhere.

If you do want Star Wars utensils that light up, though, these Darth Vader lightsaber chopsticks will serve you well. Just turn the switch on the chopsticks to activate the LED lightsaber. The force may be with you but you’re also channelling your dark side as you dig into your bowl of noodles with chopsticks modeled after Darth Vader’s lightsaber in Return of the Jedi.

Bring your love of the 2015 blockbuster directed by George Lucas to your TV tray or coffee table in your lair. Combining your favorite food dishes with your favorite movie sounds delectable. It’s downright delicious if you don’t burn the food this time around. Jest, we do (ah, Yoda speak, never gets old).