Masculine Bedding To Match Your Manly Style

One of the top things 20-something-year-olds Google is how often to wash their bed sheets. Sure, you’ve come a long way since then, but you still might not know how to get the right manly bed sheets for your personality. Good thing we’re here to help you unlock your style, so you can be comfortable at home, even when you have to leave the man cave to get some shut-eye. Yup, men need their beauty sleep too. We knew it before the movie Inception became cool (just sayin’).

To find the manly bed sheets right for you, we’ve organized our top picks into 5 overarching types, which each link to a kind of guy. Yeah, we know you’re more than just a category, and everyone is unique (especially when they’ve had one too many cold ones) but trust us on this one, okay?  


Camo Bedding Sets For Total Immersion

Hunter Camo Bedding Sets

Maybe you’re like Daryl Dixon with his Horton Scout HD 125 crossbow going after zombies in The Walking Dead. Or, perhaps you’re more of a shooter with his hunting rifle, on the lookout for wild game. Either way, you’ll do well to blend into your surroundings with camouflage. Camo bedding sets are exactly what you need as you rest after a day of hunting. The adventurer in you deserves a rest.

For when you want to feel like the king of the jungle, swap out the camouflage sheets for leopard bedding instead. Go for the gold (and leopard spots) by choosing Egyptian cotton leopard print bed sheets for your King Size bed (hell, you deserve it!). These ones have a 650 thread count and the best cotton comes from Egypt, in case you didn’t know. Feel the luxury, which you so deserve after a long day out hunting down your dinner.

Western Bedding for Men

Or, if you’d much rather reflect your western style in your bedroom, go for rustic sheets, linens, and comforter sets.

Western bedding doesn’t get much better than a quilt set that is all Lone Star and no coward. Pair the soft bedding with Western Star pillowcases and off-white fitted and flat sheets for a bed that appeal to your rustic roots.

Want to take more inspiration from western or country bedding? We don’t blame you. Let’s put on your cowboy hat and have a think, shall we? Use traditional wood for cabinets and drawers to give the bedroom that country feel. A four-poster bed would look great too with western bedding.  Add in some vintage accessories, like a wooden floor clock, silver buckets filled with rolled up blankets, and old suitcases for stashing away hunting memorabilia.

Get other hunting decorating ideas for your man cave, bedroom, and other rooms of the home from our post for the hunting enthusiast.


Manly Bedding The Outdoorsman Loves

Cabin Bedding Trumps Dusty Bear Rug

You spend 90% of your day outside and only come in when it’s time to eat or snooze. Sound familiar? You’re an outdoorsman all the way, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Bring the outdoors in with beach bedding.

It could be that you choose an easy-care flannel blanket in sky blue to go over your sheet on your Twin, Queen, or King Size bed.

The microfiber material is durable and just throw it in the washing machine if you spill some hot sauce on it while eating in bed (you were multitasking, you clever man you). This blanket that resembles a sunny blue sky is wrinkle and fade resistant so you can even take the beach bedding outdoors to lay on as you enjoy a warm summer day. 

Or, maybe you want cabin bedding, like the manly Woolrich Williamsport comforter set (shown above). It has all the rustic charm you want with plaid and a deep gray that balances out the pops of red. It’s inviting yet also cool to the max (just like you).

Wondering what to put with your cabin bedding to complete the room? On the walls, hang canvas prints of bucks or wolves, while antler wall hooks can be where you hang your robe or coat. Line your bookshelves with your favorite guides on game birds, outdoorsman’s cookbooks, fresh water fishing, and more.


Duvet Covers For Men Are The New Lure To The Lair

The Player and His dkny Bedding

If you’re a player, then the ladies can’t seem to get enough of you, inside and outside of the bedroom. But we’re just sticking with the sheets story here, and it’s about lots of sex and treating her like a princess while you’re with her yet not committing to her 24/7.

Face it, you’re a Playboy fanatic, lovin’ the array of bodies that come into your lair. Better get Playboy bedding to suit your image. She’ll probably get a pick out of the Playboy Bunny blanket you lay across the bed before you get laid.

Part of treating her right is pampering her with champagne, a bubble bath, and luxurious sheet sets like dkny bedding.

This red stripe duvet cover is an example of dkny bedding at its best with the super soft cotton material that is lightweight enough to stay on the bed year round (although she might not stay more than a season). The bright red color is romantic yet sexual, which are all the qualities that she sees in you, sexy devil.

Why not put black bedding underneath to enhance the red color? You’ll look amazing as the Hercules you are, lying on the black sheets. 

Elegant Comfort black bedding is wrinkle and fade resistant, so that it will make it through the fun nights ahead without issue, along with your manly bits. It’s anything but the boring hotel bedding for this player, and you’ve likely seen your share of hotels, my friend. We’ve heard stories!


Modern Betting Sets and Hennessy

Luxury Bedding Collections To Lay It Out In Style

If you’re living large, then you are a “baller.” You might open a bottle of Hennessy in your man cave and then take to the bedroom with a glass for your better other half. 

You two can relax with drinks and cigars on luxury bedding collections like the Tensel Jacquard gold silk and satin bed set that includes a matching duvet cover, flat sheet, and pillowcase. It goes perfectly with your gold lair and the gold sink faucets in the bathroom.

Cashmere sheets are another option, but, of course, you’ll have to buy luxury bedding collections for the rest of your social circle too, in true baller fashion.

Watch out, there’s a baller in the house, yo.

Or you might envision modern bedding sets that have gold dots or metallic printed bling sheets in black and silver or black and gold.

Modern Bedding Sets

Soft microfiber is the way to go as you won’t want any chafing to happen during the night that interferes with your distinguished good looks.

Ahem, just try not to spill any of the Hennessy on the sheets. Of course, if you do, you can just get new sheets but, well, us common folk like to offer practical advice sometimes…

Oh and while we’re still in the bedroom, let’s finish decorating by adding in a shaggy faux fur rug and black bed pillow with the word “sexy” written in silver on it. 

Quick Tips For Best Masculine Bedding

Men's Luxury Bedding Collections
  • Gray always looks chic and masculine
  • Crisp white sheets always make a room look fresh, no matter the comforter or duvet 
  • Add in one bold color, such as red, to make a statement
  • Dark colors like brown, gray, and black always look great in the dude’s bedroom
  • Patterns add sophistication; try a patterned sheet set with a solid duvet or vice versa


Super Heroes And Periodic Tables Equals Total Sleep Domination

Nerds are cool these days, so why not let your inner geek shine through? Get a Star Trek pillow case or sheets with your favorite superhero on them. If you’re an Avengers fan, get bedding to match your man cave!

Geeky Men's Bedding

Or choose a Science theme for your bedroom and start with the Element of Focus (F-O-Cu-S) for your Full, Queen, or King duvet cover. The blue colors go great with solid white sheets and gray accents around the bedroom, not to mention the chemistry set in the corner.You might instead want to get a spaceship, X-Men, or Hobbit-inspired bedding. Just throwing out more fun and geeky bedroom ideas!

pizza bed cover

Alternatively, maybe you have a major love of pizza and want to express it throughout your home. Get pizza bedding to fill your decor appetite, like the Creative Pizza Bedding Set with duvet cover and two pillow covers. Or. choose instead Emoji bedding that has all the expressions you love to use on your smartphone while you should really be working.

By now you likely have a good idea of how to best show off your personality through your bedroom style. Bedding isn’t just something you use to keep a layer between you and the mosquitos. Nope, it’s also a way to create the coolest vibe for your room. Whether you choose camo bedding sets, cabin bedding, black bedding, modern bedding sets, or another type, you can be proud of how you express your guy style.