For The Man Who Loves Tools And Wine

Here’s a kit that combines guys’ universal love of tools with the allure of alcohol. OK, we’re appealing to your most basic needs but heck we’re pretty basic in many ways. And, no, we’re not suggesting you get drunk and operate power tools. That’s just dumb. Instead, we’re talking about something quite clever.

Let us introduce you to a wine tool kit that’s shaped like a bottle of your favorite drink. The Kovot Wine Bottle Tools & Accessory Kit is essentially a wine-shaped box, which conveniently holds everything you need to pour a nice dry or sweet glass of red or white – or two or three glasses if you so choose, no judgment from us (although we’d like an invite).

The five included wine tools are a corkscrew, foil cutter, wine pourer, collar, and stopper. The stopper is, of course, not always mandatory if you finish off the bottle with your buds in the man cave one night (we won’t tell the wife). All the tools are stainless steel.

When you want to take the wine party to another guy’s den, just pack the tools into the case and off you go. There’s no Merlot crisis.

You’ll save yourself several trips to stores trying to find all the tools you need for your tasty habit. Everything’s right here (and organized) for you. Simple!

And, ahem, you’ll score points with the ladies if you’re single and they come over to your lair. They’ll see you have the right equipment for their wine-drinking needs. From that point on it’s up to you to use the equipment in your pants to your best ability too. Of course, if the date goes sideways you can still enjoy the wine on your own and get to finish playing your video games too.

Store the Kovot Wine Bottle Tools & Accessory Kit in your man cave bar so you can access it whenever the (drinking) mood strikes. You’re all set, and now you just need a cheese platter to snack on with the glass; we’re sure our invite to your next wine get-together is already in the mail. We’ll be waiting patiently for its arrival.