How to Steampunk Your Home

There once was a home to steampunk. And so it began. And so we offer this post to you that is full of awesome tips for getting the steampunk style for your lair. This interior design style mixes elegant Victorian accessories with industrial items. So, imagine someone dressed Goth, holding an old-fashioned revolver gun while refurbishing a coffee table. Intrigued? So were we.

Steampunk Sofa

State The Awesome

Statement furniture is a great place to start. Infuse steampunk into the seating area with a Regency sofa like the one shown here. Its clean lines, wide scrolled arms, and nailhead trim all share an antique-style look. Go with a deep brown or black as most steam-inspired spaces have dark tones.

Add in texture with accessories, such as this tech noir steampunk throw pillow. This one features a sexy gal on it in a design reminiscent of old-school pulp detective comics, with her robotic arm and Corsair engine parts behind her. Mechanical mayhem ensues.

The Vintage Touch, DIY Style

DIY Project Leather Bookshelf

Chances are good that you’ve got some old shelves in the basement, attic or a storage locker. Repurpose the shelves into an industrial style that’s super swag. This DIY project will serve the most important person in the cave – YOU!

Take a wooden bookcase that you already have laying around the homestead and upholster it with leather. Just make sure it’s made of real wood so that ​you can staple and hammer on it.

How to Make a Leather Bookshelf

  1. Start with an old wood bookcase you already have around the house
  2. Cover the outside frame with leather, at minimum. You don’t need to cover every surface of the shelving (cheat and no one will even notice!)
  3. Follow this step-by-step guide to get your DIY steampunk leather bookcase
  4. Put any design you want in brass tacks on its top and sides for a custom look
  5. Fill the shelves with books on apothecary, a machine era portable fan, terrestrial globe, and vintage-looking gear bookends.
Steampunk Clock and Wall Art of Gears

Get Into Top Gear

Gears are all the rage in steampunk culture. You’ll make H.G. Wells jealous with the sci-fi spirit of this hand-painted gear wall art with clock. It does double duty as both a clock and artwork, which is great if you have limited wall space in your den.

It’s made from metal for that industrial look you want, featuring oversized gears and sprockets in 3D. It’s durable, rough, and perfect for your wall.

Other ways to incorporate gears into your home are in framed art, sculptures, and mirrors. Also, frame a blueprint of a gear room that you can buy from e-shops like Etsy.

Expose Yourself At Home – Without Breaking A Law

Exposing your style needn’t be illegal (put on some clothes, man!). Exposed brick is a trademark of steampunk if ever we saw one. It’s rough yet sophisticated, just like you, right? If you want to enhance the aged look of the brick or think that adding a brick partition to your den would be cool, it’s easier than you think!

There are online tools that can count how many bricks you need for a partition, depending on the size of your space. Usually, it’s 60 bricks per square meter for a single layer. ​This free online calculator can help you find the number of bricks you require for your wall.

When you build a partition from the inside, there’s no need to dig down to build a foundation. However, you do need to remove the floor’s finish to the screed. Buy mortar already mixed to save yourself a step.

Already have a brick wall? Strip it back for that awesome rough look by using a spatula to remove the paint and coating. Yup, it’s that easy. Just be sure to lay down nylon sheet in the area so the mess doesn’t spread all over your crip. You’ll get the brick down at its basics in no time for a cool retro effect.

Don’t have brick and don’t want to use real bricks but like the look of them? There’s a solution for that. Apply this 8-panel photo mural over your wall to give the illusion of bricks. Just past and apply the panels to the wall.

When Junk In The Trunk Is A Good Thing

Vintage Steamer Trunk at Home

A vintage steamer trunk is a must have. You guessed its use already, didn’t you? Use it as your coffee table. The trunks come in a range of sizes. They double as great storage items; fill yours with collectibles, mags, movies, gaming controllers, and more.

When you put down the lid, should that marriage material gal come over to visit, those items are all hidden from view so your place looks organized.

We like this wooden steamer trunk for its large size; it would fit well in front of that great leather sofa you’ve brought into the room already. This trunk has old-fashioned hardware and studs that add to its aged appearance.

Plus the faux leather strips add visual interest, and you can’t go wrong with the choice of Cedar wood.

Is a Victorian design one you dream of? If so, you’re off to a great start with these tips for bringing steampunk into your home. With leather seating, steamer trunk, gears art clock, and an exposed brick wall, you’re all set to rock the next big interior design trend.

Remember to go dark and neutral with your color choices to be true to the steampunk theme. Be true to yourself too by having a cold one to celebrate your newly decked-out living area.

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