Bar Design Ideas for Your Man Cave

Your man cave is the ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of work and family life. You could slump on the couch and watch games all weekend long but the experience would certainly be much better if you were sipping on some delicious beer in the company of a couple of friends.

In comes the man cave bar…

With a little creativity, you can have a snazzy bar where everyone will love to hang out. Even if you are on a small budget, that stylish bar can still be yours. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

1. The Bar Behind The Couch

imagine your manc ave with a bar located behind the couch

What’s better than having a theatre and a bar all rolled in one? You can set up your man cave such a way that the bar area is snuggled behind the comfy recliners so you can eat and drink while watching your favorite game without spilling food on those posh leather seats.

All you need for this set up is a little bit of creativity—instead of locating your bar away from the big screen, just organize your basement in a way that allows anyone sitting at the bar area to see the screen.

2. Kegerator


Call it a beer dispenser or a ‘kegerator’, your man cave bar will not be complete without one of these bad boys! Sure, you can opt to just buy an actual beer dispenser but if you are on a budget and you want something unique, you could just make your own kegerator.

To make one of these, you need an old working fridge, a conversion kit, a CO2 cylinder with gas, power drill, screw drivers, 1⅜” and ⅞” hole saws, hacksaw, measuring tape, a keg of beer. 

Build Your Own DIY Kegerator In Four Steps:

  1. Find a fridge. When looking for a fridge, you will need one with an interior space measuring 28″ x 18″
  2. Drill a hole through the door to fix the tap
  3. Install the tap
  4. Connect the CO2 cylinder
  5. Tap the keg

For more detailed instruction on how to build your own man cave kegerator, take a look here. And if your wife asks you why you’re so into your brewskies, just tell her it’s because beer is surprisingly healthy

3. Creative Lighting

Drum Light

light fixture made from a drum set

The right lighting can add depth to your basement and can creates a relaxing ambiance. There are hundreds of ways to customize your lighting.

To wow your crowd of buddies, you could go all out and repurpose an old drum and use it as a lamp to add depth to the bar area.​​

Mason Jar DIY Light

mason jar light ideas

Using glass jars or beer bottles is another innovative way of creating a chandelier effect that will bring that rustic, stylish aura without taking away the masculine feel… it is a man cave after all!

4. Barrel Bar

barrel bar

This particular ice barrel bar needs very little work—it already has a fantastic shape so all that is required is for you to trim it to a suitable size, build a foldable top, fill it up with ice, store your drinks in there and let the party begin! Wine barrels are incredibly versatile.

You could use them as countertops, for outdoor décor and of course: you could transform a good ol’ win barrel into a rustically elegant bar where you can store all your favorite whiskeys and wines.

You know how appealing those barrel bars usually look in the photos? You can make your own in just a weekend.

You will need an old wine barrel, sand paper hacksaw, hammer, buzz saw cardboard, plywood, drill & drill bits, measuring tape, screws and hinges, door handles, cello tape.

5. Marquee

beer sign

Marquees are all the rage right now…well, they’ve always been. These shining signposts are a great way to customize your man space and to mark your territory.

To make your work easier, you can buy chipboard 3D letters from a craft store to spell out any crazy combination of words you want for your man cave bar area.

Other things you will need to make your own marquee include several strings of round light bulbs, spray paint, box cutter and an exact-o knife.

Build Your Own BEER Light Fixture

  1. Use the box cutter to remove the front part of the letters
  2. Cut up to ten, evenly spaced holes in the back of the letters using an exact-o knife Ensure that the holes can fit the base of the light bulbs.
  3. Spray paint the letters using a color of your choice
  4. Insert the base of the light bulbs at the back of the letters and screw them from the front of the letters

If you rather buy your way to marquee signage perfection, check out this massive selection!

6. Table With Built-In Iceboxes

table with ice box built-in

Tables with built in coolers are very popular especially during the Summer. But did you know that such a contraption makes for a versatile and less expensive alternative to a full blown bar?

Just picture you and your boys seated around the table watching your favorite game, with cool drinks easily accessible from the middle of the table so no one has to keep getting up to grab a drink from the fridge…if that isn’t paradise, then what is?

7. Transparent Pool Table

transparent pool table

No man cave is complete without some sort of game and a pool table is just the perfect addition. A constant supply of drinks coupled with a stylish pool table will officially make your man cave the best place to hang out.

A transparent billiard table is modern yet functional and will add a dash of elegance to your cave.

8. Stylish Man Cave Bar Stools

bar stools with bottle cap shapes

No one wants to hang out too long in a basement that has old uncomfortable seats and décor.

Don’t embarrass yourself with those hand-me down seats from your great-aunt! Instead, grab a set of beverage brand stools for your bar area!

This selection of giant bottle cap barstools come in a great variety of beverage brands; from the classic Coke to Coors Light and Miller. Their height can be easily adjusted to fit even the shortest of your buddies. One major advantage: they will go perfectly with your well-stocked retro fridge!

9. Pub Table

pub table for your authentic man cave

Every time you head out to a pub, do you usually envy the branded, silky smooth pub tables?

You can actually have one of these in your cave! This particular one is made from a smooth branded melamine board for the tabletop and sports a disco style steel base with leg levellers and foot ring. Each table top  is coordinated with the team’s colors. With this type of table in your bar, you and your buddies can sit around, sipping your favorite drinks as you chat away or watch a good game.


You now have no excuse not to pimp out your man cave bar with quirky, unique and stylish accessories. Remember that a complete cave bar needs a constant supply of cold drinks, comfortable sitting, some entertainment and throw in a personalized sign to mark your territory.