Make Your Man Cave a Reality – 4 Space Alternatives to a Basement

It’s time to make your dream man cave a reality. But where will you put it? The first step may be the hardest, however with these space alternatives it’ll be easy to see potential where there wasn’t before. Make it a multipurpose room for you, and even share it with the family.

Think outside the box to make your man cave work for your home. Traditionally man caves have been found in basements, however consider a garage, spare room, walk-in closet or attic.


Whether your garage is storing your automobile or your filing cabinets, there is room to shake things up. Consider a multipurpose space that can be easily transformed. Plus – the moveable garage door makes it a great option for relaxing on those warm-weather days.

Mancave Garage

Spare Room

A finished spot all your own, the spare room can save you time and energy spent furnishing alternatives. Install soundproofing to keep the rest of the crowd happy.

Walk-In Closet

Small but mighty, the walk-in closet can offer you a secluded spot close to the action of the rest of the home. Small can mean budget friendly as well with less room to cover.


Often times the most under-utilized space in the home, the attic is a great option for those without a lot of space to work with. Use sub-flooring and short knee walls to make it into a comfortable, safe space.

Don’t forget, choose a space that offers sanctuary from the hustle and bustle. While sometimes you’ll be sharing this space, there will be time to be alone as well. In the certainties of parenting, privacy often is more of a luxury then a part of daily life. Whether in your garage, spare room, walk-in closet or attic your man cave will make down time possible!

ManCave for Grownups

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