A Noodle Of An Idea: Loominoodle Lights Up The Night

Until the time we have night vision goggles to get around campsites and other places we love to explore, there’s always the go-to lanterns and flashlights. But, well, they’re kinda boring. It’s time to modernize lighting solutions when you’re on the fly – don’t you agree? Well, Power Practical certainly shared this illuminating vision when they created Luminoodle. They launched it through Kickstarter (kick butt, fo sho).

Yup, the name is really Luminoodle. It’s an ultra-bright LED light rope and lantern that you can string up just about anywhere. The 5-foot light strip gives off 180 lumens of light, which is about the brightness of a 25-watt bulb. String it where and how you want, from a tree, around your camping tent, or the inside hood of your car as you tinker away at night. With its universal ties, magnets, and utility loop, it’s a cinch to hang. Gotta love the noodle mode.

Say what? You want a lantern too? No problem-o, as we can just use the included rip-stop nylon carry bag to diffuse the light and carry it with you on your adventures. Loominoodle isn’t clunky like a traditional lantern and won’t be as risky as a torch in your hands (no offence).

Loominoodle is waterproof too (up to one meter for 30 minutes) so it can handle the elements when you’re out in the bush. It works with a universal battery pack (not included) or via any USB port.

Even if you’re not planning to leave the man cave anytime soon, you can still use Luminoodle at home. Drape it behind the TV for an LED backlit effect or hang it by the window to set the mood for your next date. It’s the indoor/outdoor lighting solution you’ve been waiting for (even if you never knew it).

Get a lantern and string light in one! Luminoodle is anything but the wet noodle that came to your last Halloween party at the lair. Let’s get lit and have fun. Whaddya say?