Light Up Your Inner Nerd With Star Wars 3D Wall Lights

News of Ade Edmondson potentially joining the cast of Star Wars Episode VIII isn’t the only exciting thing to report around here today. You’ll “light up” over these awesome fixtures we recently came across for the man cave.

If you share our love of the space opera, you’ll want to get a load of these Star Wars 3D Wall Lights. They take the dark side to the light side. The ingenious battery-powered lights feature the likes of Darth Vader, the Death Star, Storm Trooper, and more. Pick your favorite character from the awesome series or get a bunch for the different rooms in your house.

Your inner nerd will revel in the power of these 3D lights that keep you from stubbing your toe or walking on LEGO accidentally in the middle of the night as you stumble to the toilet. Gone are those moments worthy of the F-word.

Check out the Death Star LED Light here:

They have fantastic details, seemingly coming out of the wall! You can pretend the LED wall lights are moving via the “the force” and even win over a few of your buddies who are so drunk they’d believe pretty much anything. There’s no wires or cables to give away your secret, and the fixture looks great on or off.

Our personal fave is the Darth Vader 3D Deco LED Wall Light, but you might prefer BB-8, C-3PO or the Yoda face instead. Oh and don’t worry, the light’s not breaking through the wall, even though it appears that way. In reality, it’s a 3D crack sticker that you put around the light (yes, the sticker comes with purchase). But we can keep that just between us – why ruin the optical illusion of a superhero?

You’ll need three AA batteries to run your LED Star Wars lights in your man cave or another part of the house. The batteries aren’t included but why not look on the bright side (no dark side here) and realize that the LED bulbs will last longer than traditional ones. “Feel the force!” as Yoda would say.