LifeStraw Gives ‘Suck It’ New Meaning (And is Handy for Apocalypse Survival)

Slurp, it’s clean water now. Huh?

Sorry, we’ll back it up to explain what we mean. LifeStraw is your portable instant water filter. And you won’t have to carry around an awkward water filtration bottle just to get a few drops of water by midnight.

Instead, LifeStraw is one heck of a powerful purification pipe that sweeps away 99.9999 percent of water-borne bacteria, so you get safe drinking water in your man cave… instantly. If you’re in an apocalypse, you can turn even the ickiest of swamp water into clean water for sipping to keep you hydrated as you run from zombies.

For those of you who are savvy with this filtration stuff then you’re likely already wondering about the filter. LifeStraw lasts a lot longer than other products out there, filtering over 1,000 liters of contaminated water before it needs changing. There are no chemicals either, like chlorine or iodine, unlike some other filters.

It’s easy to use too. Just open the caps, insert the end into a water source, and sip from the other end. When you’re done drinking, simply blow back through the LifeStraw to rid the item of the dirty water and clean the filter membranes.

Feeling skeptical? LifeStraw was named “Best Invention of the Year” by Time Magazine and has sold millions around the globe. It has even been used for humanitarian relief in Haiti, the Philippines, and elsewhere. You can see it in use for yourself in this video:

LifeStraw comes in its own package so that you can store it in your lair for “end of the world” situations (which we hope won’t happen, of course). It doesn’t require any electricity or batteries and is conveniently portable.

The personal filtration system is great for your lair, a camping trip, a long trek, or for your emergency preparedness kit. Just put it in your pocket and enjoy the security of knowing you can always get clean water. Now if your friends would only clean out their foul mouths once in a while. Well, that’s a story for another day.