LEGO My Laptop Case From Brik Book

For all the times you want to play with LEGO but feel it’s just not “adult” enough, now here is proof that the fun building blocks are appropriate for all ages. It’s called the Brik Book, and we think it’s a sweet alternative to a standard laptop case.

The Brik Book comes highly acclaimed by Vanity Fair as the 2015 ultimate gift, and we’re fair-ly sure it’s going to keep being a hit with guys for years to come. This customizable case is just what you need for your 13″ MacBook Pro (A1425 and A1502 are compatible).

Customizable, you say?

Yes, and we’re not talking about some lame stickers on your laptop. No offense, stickers are great but they’re permanently stuck to your MacBook Pro once you attach them. That, well, kinda sucks! Instead, now you can get a Brik Book and create any 3D design you want for your laptop case. And you can switch up the design any time that you want.

Be original with the designs you create on your gray case that comes like a blank canvas. Affix LEGO blocks to it in any shape you want. The case is also conveniently compatible with Mega Bloks and Kre-O.

Get some fun design ideas here:

Cool 3D designs we’ve seen proud man cave owners use so far include the Apple company logo, cherry, minions, happy faces, and the 1-Up Mushroom from Nintendo. You can also form words, including the dirty ones that run through your mind all day.

When you tire of one design, just make a whole new one. It’s like having a whole new 13″ MacBook Pro case whenever you want! For the kid in you, this laptop case is dope. In fact, it makes us want to belt out the “Everything is Awesome” song from the LEGO movie. Sorry, too late, we’re singing off-key now, and you’re cursing us for the earworm… How about you take your mind off the song by creating your own design for the case? Just an idea.