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foosball tips for everyone

If you are just getting started or looking to make a foray into the exciting and intense world of foosball, you probably want to be acquainted with the basics first. Here are five top foosball tips from buying the best foosball table for your needs, to developing your foosball playing skills, to proper maintenance.

Buying your first foosball table

While a good foosball table will cost you a little more, it is a worthwhile investment that will offer years’ worth of service. You want to buy a solid and stable table weighing not less than 200 pounds with a recommended rail thickness of 1 ½ inches. Another feature to look out for is the shape of the foosball men’s toes— buy a table with men whose toes are pointed and have a cross-hatching design for better ball control.

You also want to ensure that the foosball men are counterbalanced to allow a smooth and fair one on one game. Ensure that the table has octagonal shaped wooden handles to allow a comfortable handgrip and efficient shooting.

A good foosball table should come with adjustable legs so you can lower or raise the table at your convenience. Lastly, look out for tables with sticky foosballs; avoid smooth foosballs because their lack of grip makes it difficult to pin them down against the table, making for a frustrating game.

How to Serve: Foosball Serving Tip

Did you know that you could serve the ball to yourself in foosball? That’s right. Here’s the thing, if your intention is to only get the ball through the hole, you are actually giving your opponent an easy chance to score. So, what you want to do instead is to sharpen your ball spinning skills so that at the drop, you can spin the ball toward the men on your midfielder rod. Dropping the ball in this way gives you greater control over the game.

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Shooting: Foosball shooting tips for beginners

One of the most common challenges for beginners is gripping the foosball handle.

Instead of holding too hard onto the handle, you want to keep your hands flexible so you can spin the handles swiftly and with minimal resistance. Essentially, there should be some minimal space between your hands and the handle.

Another important shooting tip is to ensure that you turn your wrist swiftly while spinning the rod 180 degrees to make effective shots. Most beginners typically turn their wrist a quarter way, so you find the shot is not strong enough due to lack of speed.

Here’s a great tip to improve your speed and your shots as well: spin the handle with open hands so that the handle just rolls on your wrist (instead of gripping it). Try this a couple of times until you get it right; it could improve your shots immensely.

Maintenance tips: How to maintain your foosball table

One way to lubricate and clean the rod is to slide the rubber bumpers across the length of the rod. This works just fine to get rid of the build-up on the rod. Some silicone typically remains inside the bumper and the sliding motion will lubricate the rod slightly to make it smoother and to allow for a faster spin.

A word of caution, if you want your foosball bumpers to last longer, don’t slide them up and down the rod too frequently—this should be a one-off maintenance tip.

A best practice is to simply slather the rod with more silicone for lubrication and cleansing. To apply silicone, squeeze it onto a cotton rag and rub it along the length of the rod. Stay away from WD-40 D0—while this type of silicone will lubricate your rods, the results will only be short-lived. WD-40 will dry out your bearings and bumpers causing your table to wear out pretty fast.

So, to wrap it up, look to purchase a high quality table if you are serious about playing foosball; it may cost you more but it is entirely worthwhile. Be sure to look at features such as the men’s toes, ball consistency, and the table’s stability.

When it comes to playing technique, what is really important is practicing your handle gripping, speed and ball control tactics. Finally, to get the most from your foosball table, be sure to undertake regular maintenance according to the recommend best practices.

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Step by Step How to Level a Foosball Table

Can you picture trying to play a foosball game on an unleveled table? It just won’t happen.

Having a thoroughly leveled table is the first step to ensuring that your foosball game is fair, enjoyable and practicable.A leveled table keeps the ball from rolling around and allows you to set up your shots.

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You want to buy a good quality table that you can level easily. A cheap table that is not leveled from the get go will give you quite a headache and trying to fix it will not work at all. Here is a detailed guide to leveling a good quality foosball table.

What you will need:

These can be plastic, wooden or cardboard blocks. Spacers may be optional if your table already comes with adjustable spinning legs.​

​Leveling Your Foosball Table


Ensure that your foosball table is on a solid and stable surface. If the table has adjustable legs, be sure that the legs are tightly screwed in to ensure that all legs are even and none is higher or lower.


Place the two foot carpenter’s level on one side of the table’s rails. In case the table is unstable, the bubble in the vial will move toward the higher end of the table.


Prior to adjusting the table, use the torpedo level to confirm the placement of the table’s playing surface both vertically and horizontally.

After determining the location of the bubble in the vial and toward which direction it is travelling, you want to make this side of the table higher to bring the bubble at the center of the black lines. It is also important that you lift the side opposite to where the bubble is moving.


Ask another person to lift the table so you can unscrew the legs or insert spacers beneath the leg that needs adjusting. Do the same for the remaining table legs to ensure the bubble is brought to the center irrespective of the direction the level is placed.

Using levelers for tables with adjustable spinning legs

You will find that some foosball tables come with spinning leg levelers. Well, these are not part of the table; instead, they come as after sale features. The levers can be great if you know how to use them because you would only need to spin them to adjust and level the table instead of using the spacers.

High-end tables typically come with the option of adjustable legs, further reiterating the need to buy a good quality table. Another advantage of higher-end tables is that they come with thicker legs that offer more stability than those with skinny legs.

A rule of thumb is that you should only adjust 1-3 foosball table legs and this should ideally be done once a month. If you play foosball very often and for long periods, you may need to adjust the table regularly, perhaps every other week to enjoy a stable playing surface.

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a review of foosball tables on the market

You are in the market shopping for a great foosball table for your man cave or perhaps one for the family gaming room.

Other than having a predetermined budget range, what particular features should you look out for? How do you tell a good quality foosball table from a phony one? What works for pro-players and what’s best for wanna-be pro players (maybe like you)?

Well, here’s the lowdown on buying a foosball table that you won’t have any regrets about; one that you, your buddies and the family will love playing with for hours on end.

NameWarrior Professional Foosball TableCarrom 525.00 Signature Foosball TableHathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-InchKick Foosball Table Legend 55 InAmerican Legend Manchester Foosball Table
 warrior professional foosball table reviewcarrom foosball table reviewhathaway table foosball reviewfoosball table review of the kick legendamerican legend manchester foosball table review
Amazon Rating
Lowest Price$599.00Amazon See it$674.22Amazon See it$453.99Amazon See it$559.85Amazon See it$482.69Amazon See it
BrandWarrior Table SoccerCarromHathawayKick!American Legend
TypeFoosball TableFoosball TableFoosball TableFoosball TableFoosball Table
Weight175 pounds162 pounds130 pounds143 pounds155 pounds
Dimensions55 x 36 x 32 inches55 x 29 x 36 inches56 x 30.5 x 34.5 inches55" X 30" X 34"56 x 29 x 35 inches
 Read the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the Review

A solidly constructed table

You are looking to buy a serious foosball table that will last for the long term and provide you with challenging play, not some flimsy kiddie table.

The best way to spot a serious table is from its construction. A good table needs to be nice and heavy, with an ideal weight of between 130 and 200 pounds or more. The cabinet or the side walls also need to be thick, preferably 1½inches thick.

Anything lighter or thinner than this may not be worthwhile in terms of durability and stability. The reason why the table needs to be thick and heavy is that it ensures stability during play. A foosball game can become a bit aggressive so a heavy table is necessary to avoid flipping over or shifting during a game.

Also, thinner tables are prone to wear and tear after a couple of games, forcing you to buy a new table after just a year.

Well-built foosball ‘men’

Those little men on the lines can mean the difference between a smooth play and a cumbersome one. Look out for a foosball table that comes with men whose toes are pointed and crosshatched. Avoid any table where the men have rounded, slippery toes.

Why are the toes such as big deal?

Pointed and crosshatched toes provide the best ball control compared to rounded toes. The perfect toes will allow you to maneuver the ball and take advanced shots easily.

You simply cannot do this well with guys who have these rounded slippery toes. In fact, the men with rounded toes do not have the capacity to the pass the ball back and forth on the same line and aren’t able to shoot bank shots accurately. Such advanced shots require a sharp pointed toe.

Counterbalanced Foosball Men

Not all foosball tables will have counterbalanced men; it’s mostly the more expensive or advanced tables that have this feature but it’s absolutely necessary if you are looking for a table that will provide challenging play.

What’s this counterbalance business about?

Counterbalanced means that the weight in the men’s head is equal to the weight in their toe. Without a counterbalance in the head, it can be annoyingly difficult to play a one on one game.

So, for a table that does not come with a counterbalance, you would have to constantly spin your men vertically upside down. This is because the weight in their toes, which is greater than the weight in their head, will cause the men to fall when they are placed at a horizontal angle. The heads will also will keep blocking any lifted shots.

The story is different and frankly much easier with the counterbalance. This feature allows you to spin your men horizontally. They will remain in that position without blocking any of your shots.

Quality of handles and legs

You will come across foosball tables with all sorts of handles including plastic, laminated and wooden handles. The wooden handles are ideal. In particular, go for those with an octagonal shape because these have a comfortable grip and allow stronger shots.

Plastic handles are too smooth and you are likely to hurt your hand when spinning due to the slipperiness. When it comes to the legs, you need to look out for a table with adjustable legs. The thing with adjustable legs is that they make it easy to level your table simply by moving the leg leveller appropriately. A levelled table ensures fair game all round.

Game Dynamics

Here’s the thing, a foosball table without a side ball return is not necessarily inferior.

But, most advanced have this feature. What’s really cool about side ball returns is that they keep the ball from falling off the table, you do not have to reach to the end of the table when you are playing alone and you can place your table against the wall so it won’t stand in the way.

Quality of foosballs

Many foosball table manufactures are notorious for their poor quality foosballs. If you are ordering your table online, it can be quite difficult to determine the quality of the foosballs until they are at your doorstep. Luckily, foosballs can be replaced easily and affordably if you do not get the right type.

But, if you have any way of checking out the quality before buying, you want to look out for the sticky types of foosballs. Also known as tacky foosballs, the men can pin down this type of ball easily. Avoid the glossy or plastic types of balls because they will make playing incredibly challenging for what it’s worth.

Just a side note, some professional or advanced players prefer slippery foosballs because these roll faster and make for a demanding game. But if you just want a table that everyone including the beginners can enjoy, go for the tacky balls.

Rated Foosball Tables in Detail

1. Warrior Professional Foosball Table
warrior professional foosball table review

Warrior Table Soccer is a top manufacturer of the popular foosball table. The Warrior Professional Football Table is a high caliber table made for the pro-player. Even with this great reputation, this is an affordable table that foosball fans can afford to have in their home, in a school or in youth programs.

This professional table is the only model manufactured by “Warrior Table Soccer”, allowing the manufacturer to completely focus on quality. The table comes with first-rate parts built for the American type of foosball, which tends to be fast paced compared to the European or Asia style of playing. Players commend it for the great game control and the advanced playing options offered.

The table boasts a solid construction that can handle the rough play that is typical of a foosball game. For a top-caliber product, the Warrior Professional Foosball table is quite easy to assemble.

The table is also built to keep the kids safe in case they get too close during a game; the safety guards on the rod offer ultimate protection. This table offers a combination of class, affordability and long-term durability.

2. Carrom 525 Signature Foosball Table
carrom foosball table review

The Carrom 525 signature foosball table has made a comeback and it is bigger and better.

Made from burr oak, this budget friendly table has all the features and markings of a professionally built foosball table. It is specifically built from high quality MDF to prevent the type of wrapping that is typical of tables made from lower quality materials.The table not only offers a consistent play field, it also provides stability with its double-bolted legs, which can withstand any amount of ‘abuse’ from aggressive play.

Carrom comes with chrome bars and levers for additional support. Leg levers are adjustable ensuring that the play field is leveled and the dead zones that tamper with the game are eliminated to provide optimal ball roll consistency.High quality steel rods are an indication of a professionally made table.

The rods come with accurate rod bearings, which when combined, boost the response-speed, providing a challenging game. The rod-bearings are built with durability in mind and come in handy with their ability to self-lubricate. This table offers affordability, challenging game play and enhanced durability.

3. Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-Inch
hathaway table foosball review

The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table is the highest quality table produced by its manufacturer. It is perfect for players of all ages including adults and teenagers; intermediate players will likely have the most fun with this as beginner players may find it harder to play with the one-goalie set up.

The overall sturdiness and high quality of the table lends it well to players with some foosball experience. In spite being a budget table, the Hathaway offers a very realist, pro-like feel.The table is upfront beautiful thanks to its glossy espresso finish. 

Its thick and solid cabinet construction makes for a strong table that can survive the rigor of a foosball game. The table’s chunky legs supported by connecting beams add an element of stability and strength to withstand the most aggressive of games.A good game needs a level playing field. This table provides a leveled playing surface supported from underneath the cabinet.

The counterbalanced guys, E-Z spin bearings and stainless steel rods add to the overall quality of the table. The table does not just look elegant; it plays flawlessly as well. This table offers a combination of style, challenging game play and stability.

4. Kick Legend Foosball Table, 55-Inch
foosball table review of the kick legend

The Legend Foosball Table the best-selling model from Kick’s collection. The 55-inch foosball table has a look of sophistication and grandeur with its swooping ebony legs that accent the table’s warm shade of chestnut. The Legend table is a great choice for adults and teens; enjoy a family-friendly activity on this durable foosball table that achieves an excellent balance of field play with modern design.

It measures 55in L x 30in W x 34in H.Kick understands that good gameplay requires a level playing surface, so the Legend Foosball Table has sturdy leg levelers to provide exactly that. Get precise player control of the 11 blue and 11 red foosball men (two teams) with the 8 chrome-plated player rods, and choose between 1-goalie or 3-goalie options, depending on your preference.

Slide scoring is mounted on each end of the Kick Legend Foosball Table to help keep the game flowing smoothly, along with a convenient front ball return on each end of the table. The table comes with two foosball balls in a soccer style, which means that you get everything included that you need for a satisfying foosball game. Not that we would expect less from Kick’s founder, a 25-year foosball veteran, and the company’s team of industrial engineers.

Assembling the table is quick and easy, as you get with all Kick foosball tables. 

5. American legend
american legend manchester foosball table review

American Legend foosball tables are popular for their challenging play and overall quality of the table. Both novice and discerning professional players will appreciate the high quality features of the table. This particular table boasts a solid cabinet construction that keeps it stable during the most rigorous of games.Being a classic foosball table, the American Legend espouses classic features for a classic American game.

Features include side ball return, balanced, weighted and contoured men, 3-man goalie bars and manual scoring beads. The 3-man goalie offers a relatively easy play suitable for beginners, compared to the more challenging one-man goalie.

It also comes with solid foosball rods featuring wooden handles and insulated holders for added comfort while playing.This budget friendly table is made from high quality MDF that keeps it from wrapping and provides long-term durability. Its cherry laminate finish makes for an attractive foosball table that can be proudly displayed in the family room.

So there you are…go for it and have fun with your perfectly selected foosball table!

Editor's Pick: The Kick Legend Foosball Table, 55-Inch

foosball table review of the kick legend

Get a Load of the New Kid in Town!

This is the stuff of "Legends"! Get challenging and fun foosball action with the Kick Legend Foosball Table.

With its two teams of 11 blue and 11 red foosball men on 8 chrome-plated player rods, and 1-goalie or 3-goalie options, you get full-on gameplay that impresses even the most expert player.

Slide scoring and front ball return make for smooth action all game long.

We gave it a impressive 4.7 out of 5 for it's great quality/price ratio. 

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pull shots foosball tricks

The pull shot is among the most basic foosball techniques. Mastering the art of performing the pull shot acts as a stepping-stone to improving your foosball game and to mastering other advanced shots. This guide will show you how to perform the pull shot to perfect your foosball skills.

Understanding the Foosball Pull Shot

The pull shot is performed by pulling the rod toward your body and then kicking the ball into the goal in a single swift motion. What’s really crucial when learning to master this shot is to first get acquainted with the basics before increasing your shot speed.

To successfully perform the pull shot, you need to have the set up right. This entails pushing the offensive 3 bar against the wall of the foosball table. This way, you would be able to increase the amount of maneuvering your opponent needs to undertake to guard the goal.

A good place to start is to set up the ball on the inside of the middle man after which you pull the rod toward you. As you pull the rod, spin the man’s toes towards the back of the ball. Ensure that you increase your speed at this point to be able to go behind the ball and shoot it straight into the goal.

Most beginners shoot spray shots due to their inability to accurately shoot into the goal. It is best to avoid shooting too many spray shots because such a habit will derail your pull shots in the long run.

Steps to Setting Up the pull shot

Setting up your pull shots the correct way has strong implications for your goal scoring capability. This means that with the wrong set up, you will end up reducing your goal score percentage.To set up the pull shot, you want to place the ball closer to the inside of the center man while pushing the rod all the way into the table.

This set up will offer you greater control over the shot while requiring your opponent to defend a large amount of goal space.It is important for your middle man to always begin at a vertical position. You also want to ensure that the ball is below the bar. As mentioned earlier, spray shooting is often a result of improper set up.

A common reason why spraying occurs is the habit of positioning the center man at an angle in an effort to increase the shot speed. In reality, placing your man at an angle actually slows down your lateral movement and therefore inhibits your pull shot.

ready for the right Foosball table?

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Techniques for Pull Shot Performance

Wrist technique is essential to improving your pull shots and your foosball game in general. Flexibility is key. A common mistake among beginners is holding the handles of the foosball table too tightly; this tends to slow your speed and increases resistance. On the contrary, a loose, flexible grip gives you wider space for movement for swifter shots.

So, the right way to hold the handle is to allow for some space between the handle and your palm. Something else to consider is your wrist technique—ideally, you should keep your wrist flexible enough to be able to twist swiftly, allowing your rod to spin at 180 degrees. Wrist speed has a direct impact on your shot speed—the faster you can twist your wrist, the greater the speed of your shots.

Scoring Goals with a Pull Shot

Foosball tables typically come with goals that are about 5.8 widths wider than the ball. What this means is that you can score on any of the 5 available holes using your pull shot. At the same time, your opponent has two men defending the goal, leaving you with 3 open holes in which to place your pull shot.

To successfully place shots in any one of the three holes, you need to keenly understand your opponent’s defense tactics. Most players play using a certain pattern, for example by moving their foosball men using the same style. Paying attention to these cues allows you to know when to perform your shots.

It certainly pays off to play against many different players to familiarize yourself with the different defense styles. Exposure to different defenses will help you perfect your performance of the pull shot and increase your goal score percentage.

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snake shot

Are you looking to perfect your snake shot? As a beginner, the snake shot, also known as the rollover shot is among the basic shot techniques you must master to be on top of your game. This guide will take you through the techniques, tactics and tricks of performing a snake (rollover) shot.

Understanding the snake shot

The snake shot is a 3 bar shot by the center offensive man. The shot is performed by placing the ball between the table and the middle man.

Your hand and wrist technique plays an important role when performing this shot. In particular, your hands need to be open while your wrist pins the man on the ball in a forward-facing position. The man is then pushed left or right at a lateral angle while your wrist curls on the rod to shoot using the center offensive man.

Steps to Setting Up the Rollover (Snake) Shot

Setting up your rollover shot the correct way can increase your goal score percentage. To get started, place the ball against the table using your center 3 bar offensive man. Getting the set up right will require plenty of practice, so you can expect to lose many shots before perfecting your set ups.

Pinning the ball aerially is actually the most difficult of all foosball set ups.

ready for the right Foosball table?

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Bring the ball from the offensive man on the furthest bar and pass it to your middle man. As the ball passes over to the central man, tilt your man to allow the ball to hit your man’s toe and to consequently shoot the ball forward. What you need to do next is to get around and on top of the ball and pin it on the table. You want to pin down the center of the ball in a way that half of the ball is on either side of the central man.

Techniques for Foosball Snake Performance

To successfully perform the snake shot, wrist technique and speed are essential. This is an open-handed shot and is therefore characterized by high speed.

When the ball is pinned on the table, you want to practice how to push or pull the ball laterally while twisting your wrist upward at the same time. This will cause your center offensive man to twist anticlockwise and to shoot the ball into the goal. The objective is to shoot on each side to avoiding giving your opponent cues about your shot patterns.

Placing the Rollover Shot and Reading Your Opponent

Most foosball shots can only be performed in a single direction. However, the rollover shot can be placed in multiple directions including straight, pulling it or pushing it to either side of the goal.

The foosball goal is typically 5.8 widths greater than the ball, giving you 5 holes to place your shot. At the same time, your opponent has 2 men defending the goal, leaving you with 3 holes; the objective is to place the shot in one of the three holes.

Understanding your opponent’s defense strategy is very helpful in performing successful shots. Typically, your opponent will attempt to defend the third or middle hole given that it is easier to hit this hole. This defensive strategy is an attempt to force you to try to hit the first or fifth hole.

Another common defense strategy is to move the men back and forth in anticipation of your shots.As you can see, to overcome the defense you need to polish up on your sense of timing with regard to performing shots. The better you understand your opponent’s defense strategy, the more accurate you will be able to perform your snake/rollover shot.

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foosball table rods

Foosball table rods are a big deal in two ways: They are expensive and they can really affect the quality of your foosball games. This guide will answer the basic questions most foosball table owners usually have about their rods.

The anatomy of foosball rods

Foosball rods or bars differ greatly based on the quality of materials used by the manufacturer. The material could be too heavy, therefore making the rods too heavy and this contributes to an annoyingly slow game.

If you feel like every time you spin the rods, some sort of inertia comes in the way, it could be that your foosball table manufacturer did not do a good job with the rod materials.

The problem with heavy rods is that they make it incredibly difficult to make lateral shots.

ready for the right Foosball table?

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The good type of Table rod

A good table should come with light rods that can be easily maneuvered laterally. High quality rods are chrome-coated, hollow and slide unhindered between the bearings, allowing you to perform good shots while keeping you well in control of the ball.

If possible, try to find hollow rods with safety caps at the end to prevent children, whose heads may be at the same level as the rods, from getting hurt.

How do you ensure bars are installed properly?

How you arrange foosball table rods on your table will obviously affect the games’ progression. In other words, you need to install the rods correctly for the game to make sense and to be played as it should.

rods for your foosball table

So if you have a single goalie table, you will have 22 men while a 3 goalie table comes with 26 men. Before you start installing the rods, organize the 4 roads on either side of the table to make the whole process less confusing.

Organize the 4 rods for each side of the table as such: first, is the 1 or 3 man goalie rod, second is the 2 man defensive rod, third is the 5 man midfielder rod and the fourth and last rod is the 3 man offensive rod. Be careful not to confuse the order of the 3 man goalie rod and the 3 man offensive rod.

To differentiate the two rods, simply look at or measure their length, the offensive is usually a bit longer than the goalie. You also need to be careful to install the men correctly.

Should you replace bent foosball Table rods?

Remember we mentioned earlier that foosball rods could be quite costly to buy. If your hollow rod bent due to aggressive play over time, it would be impossible to use it as it; it could be time for a replacement.

But wait…could you just bend it back and straighten it up instead of putting money into buying a new rod? Fortunately, you can bend it back to its original position depending on the damage done. Several things can severely bend and damage your rods and you should ask players to stop doing this:

  • Pushing down the rods too hard
  • Pulling the rod all out then leaning it down

To bend the rod back, look at the point where the bend starts and determine where the bend meets the table. Ensure that you spin the rod to cause the bend to face downward while the rod handle faces the ceiling. Gradually, press the rod downward; the pressure should be moderate to prevent the rod from bending to the other direction.

How much will it cost to replace the rod?

Sometimes, a rod (or a couple of them) could be too damaged and therefore require replacement. Replacing rods from high-end tables is certainly not a cheap undertaking—be prepared to spend anything in the range of $30-$50 for a single rod or at least $250 for all eight rods.

In summary, it is really a good idea to start off with the right quality of foosball table rods in the first place, if you want to enjoy better games. Go for the hollow, lightweight type but warn other players against aggressive playing and pushing the rod too hard because this can severely damage the rods.

Even if your first set of rods was not the best type, you can commit to replacing them with premium rods; the payoff will be worth it in terms of game quality.

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f you are just getting started with foosball, a great yet simple technique to learn is the bank shot. Setting up this shot is easy and you do not have to worry about giving your opponents cues that may sabotage your shot. Read on to find how to perform the bank shot and catapult your game to the next level.

Understanding the bank shot

The foosball bank shot is essentially one of the more defensive foosball trick shots, taken when the ball bounces off the table’s wall at an angle that allows the player to shoot the ball into the goal. It is entirely possible to undertake this shot from both the defensive and offensive ends of the table.

Even then, you will find the shot to be stronger when performed from the defense because you can do it without your opponent reading your defense strategy. From the offensive end, the bank shot has an open set up that the opponent can easily identify and therefore anticipate your move.

ready for the right Foosball table?

Find your perfect table in our reviews!

Mastering the Bank Shot Set Up

Setting up your shots should be a discreet affair; giving your opponent cues will certainly sabotage the success of your shots and in effect, your goal score percentage.

table foosball bank shot trick

As mentioned earlier, you are better off performing a bank shot from the defense given that it is more difficult for your opponent to recognize the set up. At the same time, shooting from the defense gives you a greater chance for scoring success than when the shots are performed from the offense.

This does not mean that shooting from the offensive does not have its role. In fact, an offensive shot can be performed as a surprise shot to leverage those situations where the opponent is not defending the closest post.

Techniques to perform the foosball bank shot

Remember that to perform a bank shot, the ball needs to bounce off the side of the table at an appropriate angle to shoot squarely into the goal. For an accurate shot, you want to ensure that the ball is not moving left or right as you position to kick the ball. It is also important that you set up the ball in a way that it is closer to the rails.

To improve your goal score percentage, learn how to quickly set up the bank shot. Another important tactic to boost your score percentage is learning your opponent’s defense strategy. To perform a successful shot from the offense, look to see that your opponent has not blocked the near post. In the absence of an obstacle, shoot squarely into the goal.

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One of the major Foosball tricks, the Arial shot is no easy feat to master!

What is the aerial shot?

When asked about Foosball tricks that can make or break a game, the arial shot comes to mind. The aerial shot is an advanced kind of shot but this does not mean you cannot master this pro foosball technique. Here’s the down low-down on how to perform the aerial shot; don’t be surprised at how well this move can turn around your game for the better!

Being the advanced technique that it is, the aerial foosball shot is essentially one of the foosball tricks performed by the men on the defense. In this shot, the player raises the ball between two defensive foosball guys and pins it at the back of the 2 bar man. At this point, the 2 bar man is on a lateral position and is pushed to the table’s center in preparation for a shot. To perform the actual aerial shot, the player flips the foosball in the air, across the playing field and into the goal on the opposite side.

ready for the right Foosball table?

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Mastering the Aerial Shot - Set Up

Here’s the thing, setting up the aerial shot is no easy feat. In fact, the setup is more difficult than the actual technique of performing this shot! So, you will need to garner plenty of patience before you can position the ball effectively for this king of foosball tricks and before you can raise the ball off the ground and into the goal.

To get started in setting up the shot, you want to position the 2 defensive foosball guy in front of the 3 bar goalie guy while tilting both bars at a 35 to 40 degree angle. Then, pass the ball swiftly from the 3 bar goalie man to the back of the 2 bar defensive man.

You need to get the titling angle right and at this point powerfully twist your wrist to lift the ball off the ground. As the ball is airborne, you need to act fast to catch the ball between the two defence guys.

Spin your goalie bar in such a way that the foot of the goalie man shoots the ball behind the 2 bar man. The objective here is to shoot the ball strategically so that it does not roll away from the 2 bar man. If this technique is done correctly, the ball should sit in a small hole at the back of your man.

Placing the Aerial Shot and Reading the Defense

Given that the aerial is essentially a trick shot, its placement is really not as important as it is for the other types of shot. At the heart of performing an aerial shoot is mastering the art of flipping the ball of the ground using just the right amount of force while accurately aiming the goal on the opposite side.

Aiming the ball is a technique of its own. When performing an aerial shot, the ball can be aimed laterally or dropped in front of the goal, allowing it to bounce into the goal. A rule of thumb is to ensure that the ball does not touch the tabletop, rails or the top side of the back of the goal because this will disqualify your shot.

Your goal scoring percentage will get better as you improve your ability to accurately read your opponent’s defense strategy. One important cue you need to look for in your opponent is whether their defensive men are ground-bound or if they are airborne.

If the defensive men are placed in an upside down position in order to block the shot, you want to shoot the ball in a way that it will get in front of the goal instead of trying to lift it off the ground. If the defensive men are on the ground in an upward position, a good strategy would be to lift the ball over the men’s head and shoot squarely into the goal. 

Sounds clever? You betcha, there is a reason this shot is amongst the top foosball tricks in a serious player's arsenal!

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consider those tips when shopping for foosball table parts

Why Your Players Are a Pretty Big Deal in your Foosball table Parts Arsenal

Players are some of the important Foosball Table parts that need replacing once in a while. Whether you call them ‘guys’ ‘players’ or ‘men’, foosball figures play an essential role in the game, especially when it comes to making advanced shots.

The best men must have certain features to ensure smooth, targeted shots. For starters, accurate ball control requires that the men have pointy instead of rounded toes.

Advanced shots such as the push kick shot, pull kick shot and rollover snake shot require men with pointed toes. A crosshatched design on the foot is also necessary to facilitate ball control.

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The Downside of Using Traditional Guys

A major problem with traditional foosball men that come with rounded toes is that these types of toes inhibit proper passing of the ball to other players on the same rod. Using those men when having to replace Foosball table parts can increasingly undermine your capacity to shoot bank shots. The perfect bank shot requires hitting the ball offside at an acute angle but such an undertaking needs a sharp pointed toe.

Traditional foosball guys are screwed in place using nuts and screws. The disadvantage of this design is that the nuts and screws make the rod too weighty thereby hindering its movement. At the same time, the men can easily come off the rod due to wear and tear resulting from hard-hitting foosball games.

If you are looking around for tables, you might want to find a superior quality table in which the men are secured in place using a lightweight screw. How do foosball men’s toes differ?

How do foosball men’s toes differ?

Regular foosball men come with unmistakably rounded toes and the gripping crosshatched design. The gripped crosshatched design is really crucial for ball control as it allows the men to catch, pass and pin the ball whenever necessary. Without the required grip, in fact, without adequate ball control, it is simply impossible to play at an advanced level.​

What about Counter-Balanced Men?

Having counterbalanced men means that each of the players’ head weight is the same as the toe weight. Most modern (not to mention pricier) tables come with counterbalanced men.

Generally, it is recommended to have counter-balanced men especially for ease of playing one-on-one games. Here’s the thing: if the weight in your men’s toes is heavier than that in the head, the men would not be able to remain at a horizontal position. In fact, you would need to twist the men completely vertically to keep them in an upright position—this would obviously not make for a pleasant game.

Another problem with not having counterbalanced men is that weightless heads will certainly come in the way of your shots. On the contrary, counterbalance allows you to keep your men on a horizontal position and will not block your path. You will also notice that counterbalanced players enable faster shots because of their heavier weight.​

Replacing your men: What’s the cost?

Have you ever tried to play a foosball game with even a single broken man? Quite frustrating, isn’t it? If you want to constantly enjoy your games, you want to replace any broken players immediately.

If you only need to replace one or just a few men, it should not cost you much; most men will run you an average of $5. Obviously, the cost increases significantly if you have to replace all your men who could add up to 26 or 22 depending on the table’s design.


Given the significant cost of replacing foosball men, it is not advisable to buy a table without counter weighted men hoping that you will replace them later.

Just to wrap up, the design of your foosball men means everything for the quality of your games. Look out for tables that come with men with pointed toes and a gripped crosshatch design for easier ball control.

Counter-weighted men can also make or break your foosball games; to avoid the extra exorbitant costs for your Foosball table parts, ensure that the table you purchase already comes with counter-balanced players.​

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table foosball rules

Some play it as a pastime game while the hard-hitting pros play it as a genuine, competitive sport. Just as the actual ‘football’ game played in a real stadium has hordes of fans, so does table Foosball. Unsurprisingly, both Foosball and football fans are rowdy, passionate and well, more rowdy. So, what is Foosball? What are its objectives? What are the rules? What make this an incredibly popular game?

A little history for the curious…

We couldn’t possible answer the question ‘what is Foosball,’ without exploring some history.

how to play foosball

Outside of the U.S., football is the name of a game that involves people from two rival teams trying to kick a ball into the other team’s goal, using their legs only. When it is played on a table, it is simply known as table football in most parts of the world. But, in their quest to be different from everyone else, the Americans decided to pronounce it as table ‘Foosball,’ and the name stuck.

It is generally believed that Foosball originated in Europe in the 1880s or 1890s, with history records crediting Harold Searles Thornton, an Englishman, with patenting the first Foosball table around 1923. Lawrence Patterson, an American military man brought the first Foosball to the U.S. in the 1960s while E. Lee Peppard, a Foosball fan, popularized the game into the national craze that it is today.

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Different Styles for Different Foosers

Foosers all over the world have their own distinct playing style. The difference might not be apparent to the casual player, but for the dyed-in-the-wool fooser, these differences are a big deal.

In America, table Foosball is generally rough and hard-hitting. Power and speed is the name of the game. The tables are typically very solid, the Foosball men are made from tough plastic and so is the ball. American Foosball tables have three instead of one goalie, making for a continuous game, as the player is able to kick the ball out of a corner without needing to stop the game.

French and German Foosball does not stand up to much of a challenge. The tables are made of generally feeble materials such as linoleum while the ball is incredibly light, made from a cork, not to mention the extra-large goal posts. In typical European culture, the players show some finesse, only seeking to pass the ball and to score when the opportunity presents itself.

What's the point

When Foosers are doing what they do best, what does all that hard-hitting, rod spinning mean? The objective in a Foosball game is simply to drive the ball to the other team’s goal. Sounds easy until you only have your hands, four rods and 13 players to do it.

table soccer rules

In a typical game, the players maneuver 4 rods on their side of the table in order to control the 13 Foosball men to kick the ball towards your opponent’s side. On the other side of the table is your opponent who also has 4 rods and 13 players trying to keep you from moving the ball toward his goal, as he pushes it towards your goal.

In a basic game, the goal is to score 5 points—the first team to score 5 goals emerges victorious. In other tougher matches, the team that scores the first 2 or 3 goals out of a series of 5 games is the winner.

Types of Games

There are different types of game variations depending on the level of challenge you are looking for.

Singles game

This is the basic variation and most players gravitate towards this type of game. There’s one player vs. player with each player controlling 4 rods on their end of the table.

Doubles game

As the name suggests, this name entails two players on each team with one player controlling the defensive rods on the left hand, while his teammate controls the offensive 3-bar and 5-bar. The same happens with the two players on the other side of the table.

Goalie war

In a goalie war, there’s just one player on each side with each one controlling the defensive rods and leaving the middle four rods unused throughout the game.

Rules of Foosball

So, a game of Foosball can get a little too raucous. But several rules help to minimize unsportsmanlike behavior and to keep it fair among the players. In competitive professional games, there is an entire list of rules enforced by officials. But in causal games, players understand the rules and officiate the game on their own, each respecting the set boundaries.

The basic rules are:

  • No spinning the rods
  • No distracting your opponent
  • No foul language or behavior
  • No moving the table

Admittedly, Foosball is not the easiest of games you will come across. You will likely need hours of practice and just watching other people play before you can get the gist of the game. The rule of thumb is to understand the objectives of the game, get the rules straight and. But do not just get stuck on the theoretical part of it, jump in and play actual games for you to become the experienced Fooser you would like to be.