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Tips for Picking Up Chicks

Why does it seem so difficult to pick up a chick? It’s like they’re taunting us with their sexy tight jeans and low-cut shirts. We just want to ask them out, but something always seems to go astray. Help is on the way! Here are 5 pickup rules for men that will totally transform your game. You won’t even need a wingman.

1.Be Open for a Pick Up Anywhere

Pick Her Up at the Store
Pickups don’t just have to happen at the bar or on You can pick gals up in the most random of places, and there are some sexy finds. From the grocery store lineup to the mall, there are hot girls everywhere. Sure, it can be nerve-racking to walk up to them but just be yourself. Ladies are way more flattered being hit on in these situations than in more conventional places like the nightclub because they don’t expect it.

2.Rejection Happens. Move On.

Pick Up Tip Is To Get Over Rejection

Accept that you will get rejected by at least one girl along the way. Don’t fear it. If you enter a pickup situation feeling scared that you might get rejected, you’ll hold back, and she might even sense your scaredy-cat ways. The result is totally unattractive, dude. Instead, smile, stand confidently, and avoid any movements similar to Pee Wee Herman.

3.Ignore Pick Up Artists

Don't Listen to Pick Up Artists

What’s up with the people who claim they are pick up artists and offer to give insider advice to men and women in exchange for money?

They act like there’s one method that you can use that will make all women sleep with you. Huh, that’s funny, from the little we know about the female gender we can already tell different chicks like diverse qualities in guys.

Don’t dole out money to these scammers. You might not have been laid in months, but you can still have your integrity. Just say no to these “artists.”

4.Read a Woman’s Body Language

Strong Female Body Language During Pick Up

You can tell if she is interested or not if you know how to read her body language. Is she fidgeting or tapping her fingers? These are common signs that the woman just isn’t interested. On the other hand, if she laughs, smiles, and looks at you a lot, take those gestures as positive ones. The gesture in the photo here appears to be a pleasant one (or two, to be more accurate).

5.Be The One Who Closes

Close the Pick Up With Her Phone Number
If she doesn’t suggest you take your conversation elsewhere or meet up again soon, then you need to close the deal. Of course, we’re assuming you two are hitting it off in public. NEVER leave without getting some way to contact her, whether that be her phone number or (less threatening) her email address. After all, you want to see her again, don’t you? You’re not just there for the good conversation without follow-up.

Even if you get put into the “Friend Zone,” it’s not always a bad thing. She might have a hot, single friend you can meet down the road, or there’s a better catch for you still out there somewhere. Look at it as a challenge. You win some, and you lose some in terms of rejection to your advances; it happens to even the best of us. The golden rules above will help your pickup maneuvers and, who knows, you might just fool her into believing you’re not a total douchebag, even if you are.

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Tips for Friends With Benefits

Let’s be real here. When you have a friend with benefits (FWB), she’s more of an acquaintance than a friend. Get the booty benefits you really want (aka meaningless sex whenever you both are horny) without starting a serious relationship. Keep it from getting all kinds of awkward by following these 8 tips to successfully having friends with benefits.

1.Choose Carefully

Choosing Her as a Friend With Benefits
You have to be selective, guys. If you pick a girl who is crushing on you, then you’re probably going to wind up hurting her because she wants a long-term relationship (and potentially get your tires slashed in the process). Don’t ask co-workers to be FWBs either because rumors could get around the workplace that ruin your reputation. Instead, pick a woman who is open with her sexuality; she is more likely to be physical without any romantic feelings entering the picture.

2.Agree to the Terms

Guidelines for Friends With Benefits
Set out the terms with her. There are two main things here to be clear on: (1.) It’s casual sex, and (2.) Exclusivity (yay or nay). You don’t need to say this is a hurtful way but do be clear with her about your intentions for physical-only, fun meetups in the bedroom (and on the couch, and on the kitchen table).

3.Say No to Dates

No Dating Friends With Benefits
You’re not dating her when you’re friends with benefits. Don’t go out for dinner or send texts that say “thinking of you” and “good morning.” Meet her at your pad or hang at her place and order a pizza. Avoid sleepovers whenever possible too as they encourage feelings (shudder).

4.Wear Condoms

Be Safe in Bed with FWB
You two aren’t going to be another Knocked Up in the making (although that was a great romantic comedy, we prefer to keep it fictional). Getting her pregnant would complicate things instantly. Why risk it? Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool.

5.Communicate What You Like

Be Truthful About Sex with FWB
The whole point of friends with benefits is that you’re both having fun. If she’s doing stuff in the sack that’s not turning you on, or she only cares about her own needs, then you need to tell her that. Here is your opportunity to be open and honest about what you like; you’ll find yourself being pleasured mentally and physically if you get #5 right.

6.Remember It’s Short Term

Short Term Sex
This is casual sex. Yes, it’s fun and it certainly is temporary. So, expect that one day she may tell you that she’s met someone and wants to end the friends with benefits stuff. Well, it was fun while it lasted. And, who knows, there’s hope that a new FWB will enter your life again soon or that you meet the perfect gal.

7.Let Them Judge

Friends Judge
Who cares if your family and friends don’t understand your FWB situation. You like it, have fun, and get physically stimulated as hell. So don’t let them tell you that you should be in a serious relationship instead. You know who you are better than anybody else.

8.Break It Off If She Develops Feelings

Alone After FWB Ends
It’s a bummer if your FWB develops feelings for you that you don’t reciprocate. But don’t lead her on, even though it’s tempting when the sex is so great. Instead, break it off to avoid hurting her even more. Remember, if your friends with benefits connection is going to work then you both have to be totally honest with one another.

Now, what are you waiting for? We’ve told you how to make friends with benefits work, from ignoring skeptical friends to realizing it’s short term and making it clear what kind of sex you want to try with her. It’s about time you had some crazy fun, and it’s an FWB that can make that happen for you. Be safe, be sexy!

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Wild Orchid is Sexier Than Porn

Is it just us or did it suddenly get warmer in here? You’ll understand what we mean once you finish this list of the 10 movie sex scenes that are hotter than a porno. Gotta love when dirty stuff gets put into movies (and when we make a top ten list about it).

1.When Julianne Moore F*cks Mark Wahlberg In Boogie Nights

Julianne Moore Sex Scene Porno Like

Apparently redheads have more fun than blondes, at least for porn pro Julianne Moore in the scene where she gets raunchy with Mark Wahlberg. Erotic? Yup. Sexy movie scenes like this one from 1997 are classic turn-ons.

2.Antonio Banderas & Angelina Jolie In Original Sin

Sexier Movie Scene Than a Porno
There is sin already. Angelina Jolie is hot anyway so just put her in bed, and we’ve got a hard on. Add in Banderas putting himself in her the way you daydream yourself doing, amazing lighting, and full-body shots for a movie scene that is way steamier than a porno.

3.Girl On Girl Action in Blue Is The Warmest Color

Movie Girl on Girl Sexy
When two women experiment together in a sex scene that clocks in at about seven minutes in length, it’s time to take note. In the 2013 flick, there are viewers who might say the scene is pure porn. But it’s in a mainstream movie, so it still makes the cut in our top 10 list here. You can thank us later.

4.Tom Cruise Watching In Eyes Wide Shut

Tom Cruise in Wide Eyes Shut a Porno?

The three-minute scene in this 1999 movie when Tom Cruise walks around a mansion watching people screw one another and watching people observing them is the definition of kinky. Now where can we find a house like that?

5.Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke & An Ice Cube in Nine 1/2 Weeks

Ice Cube Movie Scene Hotter Than Porn
Bet you can’t wait nine 1/2 minutes to explode as you watch this scene. It’s a creative role for the ice cube; that’s all we’ll say (why ruin the sexiness to cum for you soon?). Also, watch the scene on the steps in the rain; you will get wet right along with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke.

6.Girl, Girl, Boy, in Wild Things

Threesome Sexy in Wild Things Movie Scene

Threesomes. Need we say more? Denise Richards, Neve Campbell, and Matt Dillon have a 3-way in Wild Things that is hotter than (we can’t even think of anything at the moment, totally dick-stracted). Also, lesbian time in the pool between Richards and Campbell is sexabulous.

7.Spanking Maggie Gyllenhaal Scene in Secretary

Spanking Her Sexier Than Porno
Time to let your freak flag fly with this scene in Secretary, a movie from 2002. The whole film centers on a love story with S&M, and that was way before 50 shades of Grey. James Spader dominates Maggie Gyllenhaal as a submissive employee, spanking her and putting her in dog collars; she loves it too.

8.Bedtime With Donald Sutherland & Julie Christie In Don’t Look Now

Hotter Than a Porno Sex Scene
It’s a little ironic that this scene from Don’t Look Now is one to watch over and over again. It’s one of the best bed scenes in a mainstream flick that we know of, and that might be because the rumor is that Sutherland and Christie got it on for real during filming. Watch him put his face between her legs; the chances are good that he’s enjoying the meal.

9.Shortbus – Many Sex Scenes

Shortbus Movie Sex Scene
Okay, so we couldn’t pick out a particular scene in the 2006 movie Shortbus because it’s really just a porno that has a storyline added to it. It’s a film about a sex therapist who can’t reach an orgasm with her hubby, which leads them into many adventures to get her off (including orgy time). Enjoy the multiple moments pounding your python as you watch the scenes.

10.Sex (Real?) Between Mickey Rourke & Carre Otis in Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid is Sexier Than Porn
Here is another movie with Rourke and another situation where the sex might have actually been real in the scene. Look hard at the bedroom scenes between the two actors (there are multiple scenes) while you get hard. Gotta love full frontal nudity, particularly if you’re not getting any in your own real life.

Porno worthy? Yes, the sex scenes above are absolutely hotter than a porno. From girl on girl action to spanking and 3-ways, there’s so much to see in this list. Now go do what you have to do; just make sure you clean up yourself afterward.

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Romantic Comedies Guys Love

Okay, okay, as much as guys hate to admit it, there are romantic comedies that are totally worth the two-hour viewing period. It helps if you have a gal snuggling up to you on the couch too while you’re watching it. Just for the love of God don’t call them “chick flicks.”

1.Knocked Up

Romantic Comedy for Men
True, it would be a major nightmare for any woman to get knocked up, but any man can appreciate the smart witt of the dialogue in this movie. You can always count on Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen for a laugh.

2.Pitch Perfect (1 & 2)

Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 Movies for Men
You’re totally off target if you think the two Pitch Perfect movies are just more Glee remakes. Nope, it’s got corny humor you won’t “Aca-Believe” that you “Aca-Saw” until you actually sit down and watch this one. Aca-tually, this rom-com isn’t really a secret one to love; lots of guys will tell you they think it’s hilarious.

3.Friends With Benefits

Rom-Com Movie Friends With Benefits
Maybe guys like this romantic comedy because it’s heavier on the sex scenes than on the plot. The scenes in the bedroom can also help you out if you want a few new moves to use on the ladies in bed. You can thank JT for the advice as you watch him work his charm in the film.

4.How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Men Secretly LIke This Movie Seriously
Maybe this is a movie guys adore because it shows there’s a crazier woman out there than the ones we already know! Plus, Kate Hudson is a hottie, especially when she’s not so clingy near the end of the flick.

5.A Lot Like Love

Men Secretly Love This Movie
For the hopeless romantic guy, A Lot Like Love is a must-watch film. It delves into the possibility of love at first sight. It’s also a reminder that even if you sing off key you can still win over a woman’s heart by belting out a love tune (watch the movie to get the full story).

6.Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a Movie Men Secretly Love
Here’s what guys secretly love about this romantic comedy: The leading man owns his own business that sells travel books. Replace travel books with comics or video games and you’ve got the guy’s dream gig. Not to mention that most men would be okay with spilling coffee on a woman and later having her fall madly head over heels for him. In short, it’s a dream life for a guy.

7.Say Anything…

Boombox in Romantic Comedy Say Anything
Classic! True, some people might call it a cliche romance but we like to call it a great version of “average guy gets amazingly hot girl.” Every guy can identify with Lloyd and totally roots for him to get the chick. If you’re looking for an alternative to chocolates as a present for her birthday, you could always lift a boombox over your head too.

These 7 romantic comedies won’t make you want to commit suicide for spending a couple of hours watching them. You also won’t feel like you got a female chromosome in the process. Go old-school with Say Anything… or take in a newer rom-com like Pitch Perfect. Whichever one you choose, you’ll secretly love it. Come on, you can tell us. Really.

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a list of reasons why men get dumped

So, this is what NOT to do, bro. We’ve all been there, really into a girl and then out of nowhere BAM she’s flown the coop. You know, not returning your text messages or voicemails. It’s like she’s disappeared into thin air. Now you can finally find out why. Here are the 12 most common reasons men get dumped.

1.Your Inner Caveman Escapes

She Doesn't Want a Caveman
Oh right, you vaguely recall grunting at her while she was talking about some sort of nail polish issue.
Couldn’t she see you were in the midst of a serious Minecraft gaming session? The reality is women like communication, so next the time you’re in the middle of something just let her know and offer her a better time later for you two to talk more.

2.Too Much Time with the Homies

She's Not Impressed, You're Dumped
She might have told you that you’re spending too much time with your friends. If you clocked in 3 nights a week or more with the buds then chances are you’re not giving her the attention she wants from you. Try to be more considerate of the lady’s schedule when you climb into bed sloshed at 2am next time. Yep, that’s a tough one to change, we hear you.

3.Mr. Cheapie

Men Dumped for Being Cheapskates
Men get dumped over being cheap all the time. Sure, you want to grab the two-for-one deal at the local burger joint but you’re not going to grab any ass if you keep up that tightwad routine.

4.Liar, Liar, Dumped, Liar

Breakup For a Liar
You know that saying, “liar, liar, pants on fire”? Well, she’ll not only set your pants on fire but she’ll get the hell out of Dodge too. If you lie and get caught by her in that web you’ve spun (you cunning man you) then you better get ready to see her smoking ass leaving your place and not coming back any more.

5.Clairvoyant? Nope.

Not a Mind Reader and Gets Dumped
Quit trying to figure her out! Bro, she dumped you because you read her mind so incorrectly that it’s ridiculous. Even though a chick sets up weekend plans on a Tuesday, that doesn’t mean that she’s twiddling her thumbs until then and plans her life around you. Chances are she just likes to be organized.

6.She Never Sees You

Breakup Workaholic
Seems kind of obvious now that you look back on it, doesn’t it? She never saw, talked or messaged with you because (newsflash) you work too much. Don’t work so much that you don’t see your girlfriend; believe us when we say she’ll tire of that real fast.

7.Bad in the Sack

No Skills in Bed Gets Him Dumped
Ouch. And we’re not talking here about the first time you get it on either. If she’s doesn’t seem impressed by your focus on your own climax, that’s because… she’s not. Listen to what the next babe tells you in bed about what she likes and you’ll like the sexy ways she rewards you (yes, we mean you’ll get laid more).

8.You Show A Different Side

Different with Friends
Remember that time at the local bar when you talked back to her in front of your friends? Yup, you really showed everyone there that you wore the pants. Too bad you continued to wear your pants (and the rest of your clothes) when she sent you home alone that night. She dumped you because you acted differently in front of your friends. Woops.

9.Private Agent Mode

Dumped for Private and Secretive Ways
Being secretive won’t impress her, unless you’re James Bond or some other professional spy. If she asks who you just texted on your phone and you’re super vague in the answer, she’ll probably start to lose trust (and respect) for you. Whether you were cheating or not, chances are good that she’s heading for the hills and by “hills” we’re not referring to that pile of blankets on your bed.

10.Your Ears Don’t Work

Not Listening Gets Men Dumped
You might have two ears but they haven’t worked properly in her opinion. She dumped you because you haven’t listened to her. Women just like to be heard; they don’t need an answer to every issue they bring to you. Do you hear us loud and clear?

11.Moody Man Mode

Dumped Man Being Moody
It’s not just women that have been PMSing, it seems. A common reason men get dumped is for being grouchy. Sure, she has a grumpy grandpa, but she doesn’t want to date him (creepy much?). Now it seems she doesn’t want to date you either, asshole (her words, not ours). Don’t sulk about it but try to open up to her instead.

12.Bachelor Pad

Dumped for Bachelor Pad Ways
Maybe she didn’t like that your crib was bachelor style, with a torn futon as a couch and boxes of leftover pizza all over the place. She may have thought you were a bit immature. Next time you might want to clean up before she comes over and pamper her a bit when she does visit your lair.

So you got dumped. You’re not the only one. It might have been your moodiness, lack of skills in bed or inability to listen to her. Now you know the reason behind the breakup so you can save yourself getting dropped again in the future. It’s time to switch gears and get back into the dating scene. See you there.

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Style for Her to Like You

When you want to get her to like you, what steps should you take? Well, let's start first by determining what kind of gal we're dealing with her. If she is a "casual" chick, see Part 1 of this series. If she's more "wedding material," read on for ways to style your man cave to attract her to you.

Be Responsible for Her to LIke You

Yes, You're Responsible

On a scale of 1-10, just how responsible ARE you? Even if you're really a 2, we'll help you look like you're a 10+ to her. 

When you know she's coming over to visit your cave, get one of your buddies to phone your cell while she's there. Then when you answer the call in front of her, pretend you're saying no to his invite to the bar.

Say to him, "No, I don't want to go out for (insert supposedly immature activity of a single dude). I would rather stay in with (make sure you get her name right this time)" She'll adore that you chose her over your own needs. Congrats, you've just earned a gold star for responsibility in her books!

hint, hint, you want a pet

Bed For Your Dog

Let it drop that you are thinking of getting a pet. Put an American Kennel Club dog bed at the side of the room. Ask her what names would be great for the dog you're going to get. Why show her you want a pet? It's a step away from being a parent, really. Okay, it's a BIG step but it's a single step away.

By including her in the process of getting your new four-legged friend, you let her know that you want her to be a part of your life for a long time. Building your family starts with a dog or another pet.

Hannibal Welcome Man Cave

Welcome her into your lair (but not in a hannibal lecter way)

Point out what you love about your place in terms of space. Even if your man cave isn't very big, you can still make it obvious that she would be welcome to hang there anytime. The point is: Show her that you have room, physically and in your heart, for her.

Perhaps you get an extra chair for your room, one that's just for her when she visits. Or you can clear a shelf for her in your tropical design office. Help her feel at home with you.

You don't have to go all Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs on her (creepy much?) but do subtly invite her to be a part of your world, starting with your den.

Show You Care for Her

Caring to Get Her to Like You

You need to show this marriage material gal that you care about her. Begin with a compliment. Tell her you adore her and that you support her dream of becoming a trapeze artists or whatever it is she wants to be when she grows up. Those supportive words show her how much you value her happiness.

Now is not the time to say you want to kiss her boobs. No, there'll be plenty of time for that later if you excel at this step now. Tell that bulge in your pants to calm down for the moment.

As you take her on the grand tour around your crib, ask her if she has any questions about what she sees there. For example, has she ever played The Legend of Zelda (the main game of the moment in most guys' rooms) before? Ask her and show interest in whatever she answers. Even follow up by asking her another questions. Hint: Actually listen to what she says this time. Then she'll be less likely to pull away from your lips when you make your move.

Cleanup Easily with Mail and Key Rack

cleanup time

For crying out loud, man, do your dishes before she gets there. Get rid of the stale crusts left over in the pizza box from the guys night last week (and toss the box too while you're at it). It's not rocket science; she wants to see you have a clean place.

Don't get overwhelmed. You can still put half the junk your treasures into your closet or in desk drawers where she can't see them. Got a wad of mail sitting around? Put it into this bronze Twillo Wall Mount Mail and Key Rack.

Just mount it on the wall and toss your mail in it; you'll love how it's not scattered around your pad anymore, and you'll always know where your keys are too. It doesn't look girlish either.

Reel her in with a man cave that's so enticing there's no doubt that it'll get her to like you. Show you're ready for the long haul with this gal who has marriage on her mind. Good thing she can't read your mind though as it's pretty busy in the gutter right now.

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Get Her to Like You With Man Cave

This is a two-part series we're going to run here. Why two parts? Calm down, we'll tell you. It depends on the type of gal you want to impress with your home. Let's start with the "casual" lady.

She's a chick who's easily captivated and is pretty easy herself once you win her over. She wants a guy with the latest tech, who sports the hottest brands and is a total jock too. Here's how you can design your man cave to get her. Read on men, read on.​

tech Nerds are the new sexy

Gadgets MacBook Pro

First, win her over with your awesome gadgets and other tech stuff around your pad. Be sure to introduce her to your 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display in all its glory. Show her how you maneuver between screens on the user-friendly iOS. Pick her up with the line, "Is your name Google? Because you have everything I'm searching for."

Also, fill the laptop with video games before she arrives. Then dazzle her by showing her how you successfully get through Mega Man 9, all the while telling her how difficult ALL of the levels are in it. You'll leave her going, "How did you learn to do all this?!" It's not a bad thing that she'll think you smarter than her Prof was back in college.

Bonus Tip:

    Show her how to play the video game and then move in for a kiss on the cheek while she's distracted. That maneuver also lowers the percentage of being denied First Base when the time comes!

    You'll also want to insert the biggest brands into your man cave to get the girl to like you. Lego is one of the hottest brands of 2015, so make sure you leave The Lego Movie DVD case out for her to see it. Also, play the film's hit song "Everything is Awesome" on your wireless Bluetooth speakers to get her into a more energetic mood (wink wink nudge nudge).

    golden coffee table

    Roll out the expensive furniture too, and be sure that she knows it set you back a pretty penny. Real leather couch? Yup, it cost a lot, and you're going to let her hear you say that. Tell her it's a small pittance to how much she is worth to you. You're stealing her heart, buddy (and next up is her skirt)!

    For furniture, the more luxurious it is, the better. In front of your white leather sofa, for example, place this oval coffee table in gold. Gold says cha-ching, oh yes! As you show her the fine furnishings, be sure to let your sleeve raise a bit, so she sees your Rolex watch. For more gold decor tips, see our gold-themed man cave post.

    The jock always gets the cheerleader

    Sports Decor Get a Girl

    Ahem, there also has to be a corner of the crib devoted to sports.

    You want to come across as the Mac Daddy of your favorite sport, whether that be basketball, football or boxing. Go big or go home in this part of the man cave to get the girl to like you. Hang a framed autographed Scottie Pippen photo on the wall. The NBA legend is all that and then some. She'll be impressed by the Chicago Bulls star's signature on the pic. You'll love that it already comes framed for you.

    You can also hang a heavy bag from the basement ceiling to show her that you work out regularly. That implies to her that you have a great physique. To mount the bag (and later mount her), use the overhead floor joists to secure the bag well. Choose two ceiling joists that are damage free.

    Buy a heavy bag mount designed to connect those joists; they come in "C" or "V" shapes and should be the length of the distance between the two joists. Slip the mount between the joists and continue the hanging process using this heavy bag guide.

    With all this sports stuff, she'll see you as the jock of her dreams. She will also be expecting you to be physically fit though, so you might want to punch that hanging bag a few times, shoot some hoops in Pippen style or head to the gym soon. No pressure.

    Red Bull and Her

    Extra pointers

    If at any point she's falling asleep during the man cave tour, offer her a Red Bull. This beverage should give her the staying power for at least one hug at the end of the visit. 

    Going in for a grab of the ass? Make sure she has drunk two Red Bulls and that you have mentioned you have a Ferrari (only it's in the shop right now, tell her).

    Okay, you suave tech-guru, brand-aholic, sports guy. Now that you've dazzled her with your cleverly designed lair, she'll be wanting to hang out more than ever and, hopefully, hang all over you. Use your magnetic personality to keep her interested, and count down the time until the steamy make-out sessions begin. The chances are good that she likes foreplay just as much as your sweet man cave, dude, just so you know.

    Check out the second part: How to get a girl who is "marriage material" to like you.