ISO Love This Isometric Exercise Equipment And So Will You

Get Isometric power, right in the palm of your hand. Working out doesn’t get any simpler or more convenient than with this iGrip Portable Isometric Trainer. The portable exercise equipment increases your power, strength, and muscle tone. It’s time to grip up, guys.

Here’s the secret (we lean into your man cave and whisper): the easy-to-use iGrip Isometric unit electronically measures your applied push and pull force. Just do a contraction and watch it monitor the force on its nifty backlit digital display. Now you can take your effort to the max, within a custom routine you build, and measure your result.

For resistance training, there’s nothing better out there. The rugged gear has three exercise modes; choose from mobile, static, and progressive contractions. The grip is high in comfort, and the device is built strong with a 1/8-inch steel frame and ABS plastic shell. It only weighs two pounds and is small enough that it’s a cinch to take with you on the go.

There’s no more of those clumsy weights that take up precious room in your den. With this exercise equipment, you get 200-pound resistance capacity that can finally deliver the results you want for body strength and muscle tone. Pit your muscles against one another and watch your upper body firm up. If she’s not all over you already, she sure will be now. Stud is coming through.

This silver portable Isometric trainer is way more advanced than traditional weight lifting. The inner techie in you will appreciate the feedback you get on the digital readout with the cutting-edge force sensor technology. Meanwhile, your inner jock will be all about the consistency you get from workout to workout, as well as being able to take workout anywhere, anytime. That’s right, no more CrossFit gym nightmares.

Get ripped fast with push and pull force using iGrip’s Portable Isometric Trainer. Doing traditional reps lifting weights are so last year.