iPoo, You Poo, and Now You Can Get an Apple Toilet Too

If you consider yourself the ultimate Apple fan, then you might want to get this high-tech throne.

Called the iPoo, this Apple toilet is a stylish way to pay homage to your i-obsession. The seat is thinner than a MacBook Air, and the flush technology is something you may or may not give a shit about. Yes, you may groan at that lame joke but it’s not like your shit don’t stink, you know.

So what do you think about flushing your money away on this iPoo? No, we couldn’t find it for sale via its designer Milos Paripovic. It very well could be a spoof, but we still wanted to showcase it here.

Take a plop in the comfort of your aluminum toilet. It’s the same material used to create your Apple notebook. Just press the button on the ‘leaf’ portion of the toilet to flush it. You might liken the leaf design to a finger and, if so, it’s the middle finger that is raising, as if to say ‘just how much money did you sink into this technology?!’

All in all, the Apple toilet is a modern tribute to the sanctuary or place where we can get a few minutes of peace from the ol’ ladies in our lives. I mean, is it too much to ask that we get a bit of time to devote to the experience and read part of an ESPN magazine?

Ah, but here’s a concern. What happens if you drop your iPhone in it? Would the world explode from the layers of Apple products?

Is it the apple of our eye? Not so much but it may go into a few man caves someday soon. In the meantime, you can get this iPoo’d Bunny Poop mug, just because it’s hilarious (like we need to offer any other reason).