Putting Green Reviews 2018

Putting Green Reviews 2018

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putting greens for indoor use - a review

Putting Greens For The Indoor Golf Aficionado

Talk to any pro golfer or coach and they will tell you that to be an excellent golfer, you need to frequently practice your putting moves; in fact, 40% of your game comprises of putting.Where else is practicing your puts and lowering your handicap more convenient than in the comfort of your own home? An indoor putting green offers the expediency of practicing your short game anytime, any day without any excuses. But with so many indoor golf turfs on the market, how do you go about choosing one?

When shopping around for an indoor putting green, you need to consider factors such as cost, size and your golfing needs. But what is really important is the true roll, speed and durability offered by the indoor turf.

NameBig Moss Augusta Putting Green - 4 x 12 FeetStarPro Greens Travel Bag 4x12 Putting GreenTour Links Training Aids Putting GreenDancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf SimulatorStarPro Greens 9x15 Putting Green
 big moss augusta putting green reviewstar-pro greens travel putting green reviewstour links training aids putting green reviewdancin dogg optishot putting green reviewstarpro 9x15 putting green reviews
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BrandBig MossStar Pro GreensTour LinksOptiShotStar Pro Greens
TypeIndoor Putting GreenIndoor Putting GreenIndoor Putting GreenIndoor Putting GreenIndoor Putting Green
Weight30 pounds12 pounds1.32 pounds77 pounds
Dimensions0.12 x 0.04 x 0 inches44 x 12 x 12 inches12 x 20 x 35 inches3.94 x 10.24 x 15.35 inches104 x 12 x 12 inches
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What Effects True Roll, Speed And Durability?

Indoor golf turfs can be categorized into two types: the texturized type and the slit-film. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages pertaining to how they affect true roll and speed.

Texturized artificial turfs can be polypropylene or nylon. While both types of yarns are good quality, polypropylene is much better than nylon because nylon tends to easily retain moisture and can cause the putting green to keep moving around on the floor unless you glue it down.

When deciding between texturized and slit-film, the first thing to consider is whether you will be playing long shots or you will just be putting and chipping. Slit-film greens are best for hitting long shots because this type of green has more infill material than the texturized type. The infill material reduces the ball’s kinetic energy once the ball is hit. In other words, the more the infill material, the longer the shots you can hit. Texturized turfs work better for putting and chipping.

Texturized Vs. Slit-Film Manufacturing

An outright difference between a texturized and split-film indoor putting green is the look of the filaments. Slit-film turfs are trimmed while texturized ones are not.

Texturized Putting Greens

The base is the most important factor to look at when choosing a texturized turf. This type of green is more prone to wrinkling and contracting, making it crucial for it to have an excellent base, also known as backing. Look out for a rubber base to ensure that the turf does not keep slipping or moving around across the floor.

A texturized green is also denser because the fibers are usually heated down and they clamp close together to produce a heavier turf. The only way to know that you are buying a high quality texturized green with a good density is to buy from a well-known manufacturer. It might cost a little more but the investment will certainly be worth it.

Slit Film Putting Greens

As mentioned above, a defining characteristic of slit-film greens is that they are trimmed and not heated together. They also have more infill material (silica sand) than the texturized ones do.

Something to look out for when choosing a slit-film green is the density of the fiber, also known as the denier. Common deniers range between 5700 and 7600. Just because a green has a lower denier does not mean it will not last longer; it only means that it is smoother compared to the tighter green with a higher denier and therefore takes longer to relax.

Texturized versus Slit Film Indoor Putting Greens

  • The fibers on texturized greens are denser, allowing for a truer ball roll than on slit-film greens. Also, fibers on the texturized greens are springier and do not matt easily thus keeping the ball roll smooth. On the other hand, slit-film greens lose their resistance over time thereby undermining ball roll consistency.
  • Slit-film greens have more infill material and therefore move around on the floor less often compared to the texturized greens, especially the nylon type, which tends to move around too much due to moisture retention issues.
  • Due to the massive amounts of infill materials, slit-film greens are more prone to mildew and mold than the texturized type. Maintenance is also more difficult for slit-film turfs due to the large amounts of infill material compared to the amount of artificial fibers. Texturized greens have very little infill material.
  • Slit-film greens can take longer shots while texturized turfs are best for putting and chipping.
  • Both types of indoor greens are durable and the high quality ones have a natural look and feel.

Other factors to look for when shopping for an indoor green:


A good quality indoor green that will last you for at least 10 years is not a small investment. If it’s way too cheap compared to the average market price, the green will likely have quality issues. The more the features you want in your putting green, the higher the price will be.


Indoor gold greens come in a wide array of sizes. Some are as small as a strip; others can fit in small office or basement, while others can be spread across an entire room. Amateur golfers typically require a small or medium-sized green, which is great for practicing your short game. Advanced players who need to practice their long shots do better with larger greens.


Most indoor putting greens are easy to install—all you have to do is just roll them out as you would a carpet. However, others come with a base that needs to be put together. Greens with a base are usually costlier but have many advantages—they can be installed on unleveled surfaces and they are typically denser. However, greens with bases are not as easily portable as the carpet type that just need to be rolled up and carried anywhere.

Here are the 5 Putting greens we've reviewed:

1. Big Moss Augusta Putting Green
big moss augusta putting green review

At 4' x 12' and seam taped on the edges, the Big Moss Augusta is a chipping green and a premium putting green in one.

Whether you need year-round practice or are teaching others on how to improve their swing, this versatile green is great for home and office use. Setting it up in minutes is a breeze - all without tools. Break Snakes let you create unlimited contours and the True-Roll downgrain feels like a freshly-cut, bent grass. 

Make sure the Augusta putting green is laid down on a solid surface. A deck, driveway or concrete garage floor will do just fine.

2. The StarPro Greens Travel Bag 4x12 Putting Green
star-pro greens travel putting green reviews

StarPro is a household name known for its realistic and durable putting greens. The StarPro Greens Travel Bag 4x12 Putting Green lets you take your putting green with you anywhere to parties, conventions or vacations. There is more to the bag than just a sleek design—the StarPro bag is purposely designed to offer convenience for the travelling golfer.

The black bag features a soft case construction and comes with roller blades, making it easy to take your putting green wherever you go. The bag is compartmentalized with roomy pockets that will fit the balls, putters and cups. The bag will store well in the trunk or an area as small as 12’x12’—talk about space saving when you are on the road.

Your 4’x12’ green will fit perfectly in the storage bag. The bag and the putting green come as a single package. The green is a high quality, five-layered turf that offers the ultimate putting realism. It is made of ¾’’ nylon filaments, which are heated down to ½’’ to offer that realistic look and feel of real grass. The green is specially built to provide country club speed and true roll. The 4.25” regulation holes and the 2.5’’challenge holes offer a great opportunity to practice your 9-hole skills and to sharpen your striking capacity.

3. Tour Links Training Aid Putting Green
tour links training aids putting green review

Do you ever feel like you need to do more to improve your swing, lower your score, have a better posture and hit more accurately? Obviously, nothing comes close to spending more time practicing on an actual range. However, if you would rather improve your skills in the comfort of your home, then putting green training aids might help you do just that.

Tour Links is one of the most popular providers of modular indoor golfing solutions. Their Tour Links training aid putting greens is perfectly designed to provide feedback on each stroke, ensuring that each swing you take is better than the previous one. You can now forget about three putts for good!What does the Tour Links putting green training aid help with? The stroker groover block helps you to maintain a good posture when striking and the string guide allows you to follow the club path more accurately. The ball marker lets you better your alignment, the hash mark guides you on the best way to position your body and head, while the cup reducing ring teaches you how to aim accurately at the cup.

The green turf is made from pure Polypropylene and a Natural Rubber Latex Back while the modular panels are made from recycled materials. The best part is that it only takes 15 minutes to install the training kit and you will be on your way to perfecting your strike.

4. Dancin' Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator
dancin dogg optishot putting green review

You don’t have a six figure income and your house is not spacious enough to lay out one of those large, indoor putting greens. That’s fine, because there is a way to practice your swings and improve your strikes without needing to shell out huge amounts of money or requiring a house in the suburbs. The Dancin Dogg Optishot Infrared Gold Stimulator is priced just right and constructed perfectly to let you improve your swing and lower your score with peace of mind.

All you need is your clubs to start using the Optishot gold stimulator. The system features a 14’x10’ indoor putting green flanked by infrared red sensors on each end of the turf. The green connects to your PC, allowing you to use your clubs while measuring the club’s swing, angle and head speed in real time. You can strike real golf clubs or the foam balls that are included in the simulator system.

There is an option of more than 10 real-life golf courses to choose from, for diverse and challenging practice sessions. The golf courses and 3-D animations that reflect your real-life strikes are broadcasted in high visual quality, making for a stimulating game. Whether you are an amateur or experienced player, you can groove your swing by playing just a few hours a week

5. StarPro Greens 9×15 Putting Green
starpro 9x15 putting green reviews

Isn’t it time that you take your golf practice more seriously? Nothing offers a better opportunity to perfect your swing and lower your scores than playing regularly on a realistic putting green. The StarPro Green 9x15 putting greens offer a challenging environment to better your skills.

The putting green is sheared down to ½ and is coated with a 5-layer non-slip hex rubber, providing true roll at country club speed. It does not help to play the same hole over and over again; this gives you a false sense of confidence. The StarPro greens comes with 5 challenging holes with a 9-hole tournament pattern, offering lots of challenging puts to better your swing and cup accuracy. The long challenging putts offer hours of fun and serious practice for both the amateur and the experienced golfer.

The cups accompanying the StarPro turf work in the same way as golf holes, allowing a ball that’s been hit accurately to remain in the hole, while one that’s been hit poorly will simply roll out of the hole. Exactly like a real golf green. The turf comes with both indoor and outdoor cups so you can play like a pro in the patio, back yard or in any large room in your house.

In summary, look out for a high quality indoor golf turf that feels and looks like natural grass. This type of green will accord you true ball roll, optimum ball speed, durability and more importantly, a genuine opportunity to perfect your game at your own convenience.