Why This Cardboard Stool Is Unlike Any You’d Make Yourself

I have something amazing to share with you. Shhhh, come closer… It’s the Incredible Cardboard Stool that can hold up to 200kg (that’s 440lbs!). Umm, yes, we said it’s made of cardboard.

If you think you can make this one yourself, well, think again. Or end up falling through a flimsy stool that doesn’t have the same strong structure or cool look.

The Incredible Cardboard Stool (yes, that’s really its name) is great to pull up when you have a few extra buddies to the man cave and don’t have enough seating. Instead of reaching for a pile of pizza boxes or rudely kicking them out, you can pull up this stool that looks like a pile of cardboard pizza boxes! It also comes in bookworm or graffiti styles, if you’re a book lover or have an inner artist to let out.

It’s a heck of a lot stronger than sitting on a pile of books or pizza boxes you just stacked on top of one another. The stools look realistic in design, so they’re sure to fool your buds!

The stool is a German import from a company called REMEMBER. Want to see the stool being set up? Here’s your daily video fix to show how simple it is to put together:

Not only are the flat-pack stools cool looking but they’re also great for small spaces, like a tiny apartment or the portion of the basement that you’ve transformed into your lair, complete with a bar. When you’re not using the stool, just flatten it. Or put it in another room. Any design of the stool, whether you choose pizza, graffiti, or bookworm, measures 44cmH x 32.5cmW x 32.5cmD.

The Incredible Cardboard Stool is easy to assemble and look great in your man cave. It can be more than just a seat too; it can double as a foot rest or side table. Sturdy, attractive, and practical… Well, that’s more than you might be able to say about some people in your life!