If You Read One Article about Basement Bars, Read This One

Having a basement bar within your man cave is like owning a 1969 Mustang Boss 429. In other words, it’s got a cool factor that’s off the charts. Now you can make the most of your neglected basement space by adding in a bar that does double duty as a place to host a great party and relaxed alternative to going out on the town. Use these basement bar ideas to inspire you for your design.

Bring Home The Pub

Traditional Pub Bar

Do you have a favorite bar you frequent down the street or often reminisce about the one you hung out at in the good ol’ days? Use those places as inspiration for your own bar. When you recreate its classic style in your basement, you’re also likely to never tire of it.

Incorporate exposed brick or stone walls, popular trends in home decor right now, into the bar. Textured stone, for example, adds visual interest and creating a wall that looks weathered and authentic is straightforward… Not to mention it saves you serious moolah as compared to real stone. The process involves applying veneers just like tile. The secret to its real appearance is in the mortar; fill the joints rather than rake them to create a timeworn look.

Add bar stools with high backs for relaxed seating for you and your buddies. Keep the natural colors going throughout the space by choosing espresso brown for the chairs, and treat yourself to soft, comfortable leather seats.

Add in shelving behind the bar for your favorite liquor and keep the shelves open to show off the bottles to your guests, so they can quickly place their drink orders with you.

Design A Modern Basement Bar

Modern Bar Design

For a contemporary basement bar, go for a lighter look that features clean lines on the furniture. A bar made of wood fits in nicely; great choices for a bar top are teak, walnut or oak. If you’re handy in the woodworking arena, you could probably design and install the counter over a single weekend. Alternatively, get it custom made and put in for you.

These swivel barstools are a close match to the ones in the photo. Look cool in black synthetic leather seats that turn 360 degrees for ease as you and your buds drink, eat and debate the latest football scandal. The chrome base has modern flair, and chair height easily adjusts.

Additional Tips For Your Modern Bar

  1. Go creative with the bar backsplash! Use a mirrored tile that makes the bar look bigger than it is in reality if you have limited space
  2. Add drop-down pendant lights over the bar (as shown in photo above) to illuminate the space without requiring extra room for a lamp on a tabletop.
  3. Make it easy to move from the bar to the lounging area by putting the sofa behind the bar stools, with enough room to walk between the two areas. add a pop of color to the space by choosing a bold sofa fabric, such as burnt orange, or add red throw pillows to your gray sofa.

Game On, Buddy, Game On

Foosball with Basement Bar

This pic is a great reference for when you want a wet bar to be only a part of the basement, with another chunk of the space devoted to a gaming zone. Opt for a basic bar, without custom backsplash or shelving behind the bar.

Instead, use your money toward getting a Warrior Professional foosball table (which won top score in our foosball table review), hanging lighting, secure bar top, and other elements that are must-have for you.

Choosing pendants over recessed is a smart move for this room as they improve task lighting by bringing shining down where you really need to see. They look great too! If you have an electrical background then put in the pendants yourself; add a dimmer so you can soften the light when you’re over in the gaming area rather than at the bar. Put the pendants 28″ to 34″ above the bar top (or about 72″ above the floor) for the best lighting.

Transform your basement into a custom wet bar, whether you enjoy the traditional pub look, a more modern style or want to balance gaming with drinking time. Remember, the basement renovation doesn’t have to be a huge one.

Plus, the space may just be sitting there unused so, duh, you really should transform it for your personal use. Now you can put in a bar as the key feature of your man cave, whether you want it elaborate or more of a simple design.

What’s a bonus of having a basement bar? Heck, you don’t need to worry about driving if you want to have a few beers!​