How to Style Your Man Cave to Get a Girl to Like You (Part 1)

This is a two-part series we’re going to run here. Why two parts? Calm down, we’ll tell you. It depends on the type of gal you want to impress with your home. Let’s start with the “casual” lady.

She’s a chick who’s easily captivated and is pretty easy herself once you win her over. She wants a guy with the latest tech, who sports the hottest brands and is a total jock too. Here’s how you can design your man cave to get her. Read on men, read on.​

Tech Nerds Are The New Sexy

Gadgets MacBook Pro

First, win her over with your awesome gadgets and other tech stuff around your pad. Be sure to introduce her to your 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina display in all its glory. Show her how you maneuver between screens on the user-friendly iOS. Pick her up with the line, “Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.”

Also, fill the laptop with video games before she arrives. Then dazzle her by showing her how you successfully get through Mega Man 9, all the while telling her how difficult ALL of the levels are in it. You’ll leave her going, “How did you learn to do all this?!” It’s not a bad thing that she’ll think you smarter than her Prof was back in college.

Bonus Tip

Show her how to play the video game and then move in for a kiss on the cheek while she’s distracted. That maneuver also lowers the percentage of being denied First Base when the time comes!

You’ll also want to insert the biggest brands into your man cave to get the girl to like you. Lego is one of the hottest brands of 2015, so make sure you leave The Lego Movie DVD case out for her to see it. Also, play the film’s hit song “Everything is Awesome” on your wireless Bluetooth speakers to get her into a more energetic mood (wink wink nudge nudge).

golden coffee table

Roll out the expensive furniture too, and be sure that she knows it set you back a pretty penny. Real leather couch? Yup, it cost a lot, and you’re going to let her hear you say that. Tell her it’s a small pittance to how much she is worth to you. You’re stealing her heart, buddy (and next up is her skirt)!

The Jock Always Gets The Cheerleader

Sports Decor Get a Girl

Ahem, there also has to be a corner of the crib devoted to sports.

You want to come across as the Mac Daddy of your favorite sport, whether that be basketball, football or boxing. Go big or go home in this part of the man cave to get the girl to like you. Hang a framed autographed Scottie Pippen photo on the wall. The NBA legend is all that and then some. She’ll be impressed by the Chicago Bulls star’s signature on the pic. You’ll love that it already comes framed for you.

You can also hang a heavy bag from the basement ceiling to show her that you work out regularly. That implies to her that you have a great physique. To mount the bag (and later mount her), use the overhead floor joists to secure the bag well. Choose two ceiling joists that are damage free.

Buy a heavy bag mount designed to connect those joists; they come in “C” or “V” shapes and should be the length of the distance between the two joists. Slip the mount between the joists and continue the hanging process using this heavy bag guide.

With all this sports stuff, she’ll see you as the jock of her dreams. She will also be expecting you to be physically fit though, so you might want to punch that hanging bag a few times, shoot some hoops in Pippen style or head to the gym soon. No pressure.

Red Bull and Her

Extra Pointers

If at any point she’s falling asleep during the man cave tour, offer her a Red Bull. This beverage should give her the staying power for at least one hug at the end of the visit. 

Going in for a grab of the ass? Make sure she has drunk two Red Bulls and that you have mentioned you have a Ferrari (only it’s in the shop right now, tell her).

Okay, you suave tech-guru, brand-aholic, sports guy. Now that you’ve dazzled her with your cleverly designed lair, she’ll be wanting to hang out more than ever and, hopefully, hang all over you. Use your magnetic personality to keep her interested, and count down the time until the steamy make-out sessions begin. The chances are good that she likes foreplay just as much as your sweet man cave, dude, just so you know.

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