How to Recreate the Mad Men Look for Your Home Office

Get a man cave that fits into a scene right out of one of the Mad Men sets we watched drooled over for their suave, masculine and ultra-cool concoctions of the 1960s. Retro never had it so good – No, wait, YOU never had it so good with this Mad Men decor inspiration.

A Desk Fit For Draper

1960s Desk for Man Cave

Take a step into a space fit for Don Draper to work in, with a sleek mid-century Danish desk in teak. Get it custom made or keep your eyes peeled on the online auction sites as retro pieces don’t last long there.

Tip for DIYers: Use several layers of teak oil for a discreet shine that will live on past the seven seasons of the show and have you feeling as though you are in the ad agency on Madison Ave.

If I Could Turn Back Time

Juggler Ball Wall Clock

Stay on top of your workday with this funky LexMod juggler ball clock. Hang it on the wall across from your desk or above the TV (a.k.a. the ultimate fan viewing zone).

With its range of colors, this clock can easily fit with any wall shade or match that dapper suit you wear like Jon Hamm’s character.

Whether you’re pitching one of Draper’s NYC ad campaigns or doing other work, you’ll stick to your schedule with the retro wall clock.

Lounging In Masculinity

Mad Men Pillow with Betty Draper

We’ll stay away from the womanizing jokes with our Mad Men decor tips as Betty Draper might not approve. She’s looking stern but sexy beside the show’s main character on this throw pillow. Add this pillow or one with a 1960s era print on it to your sofa. 

What kind of sofa would fit in this retro man cave? A black tufted sofa in vinyl is manly to the max. If vinyl isn’t your thing, opt for leather instead in a throwback style that is fit for a heavy bout of alcoholism a drink or two on the rocks after a long day.​

A Man Walks Into A Bar

Between smoking and drinking, the cast of Mad Man stays busy. Now, while you may want to scale back the drinks-per-day ratio to function properly (aka get out of bed without a slicing headache tomorrow), you can still have a bar area.

The cart shown here is great for smaller spaces like the attic and is easy for serving friends too. The retro style is simple but makes an upscale statement.

Fill it with a selection of bourbon and vodka bottles, along with lemon slices and cherries to add to drinks in true Draper form.

Add old fashioned whiskey glasses. We like this 10oz set of two whiskey glasses because they have weighted bases and classic style.

Artsy Drinking? Okay

Above the bar, hang a framed print that reads “Call Me Old Fashioned.” Make it yourself! 
Get your DIY on. Type the four words in all caps into a Word document and then right align the text. Past an image of the appropriate drink to the left side. Print it and put it in a sleek silver 8″x10″ frame.

In addition, frame an original print ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes, the brand the bigwigs at the Sterling Cooper Price ad agency smoke in so many scenes.

Amplify The Mad Men

Turn on the music and amplify it with tabletop HiFi speakers from Symbol Audio. This sweet audio source has retro wood casing for its 4″ full range speakers with a subsonic filter on its subwoofer channel.

Hook up your iPod or iPhone to the receiver and then store it out of sight to play your favorite sounds without getting on Pete Campbell’s bad side. Might as well prevent any of that nasty blackmail business! Besides, you’re too busy trying to get her to like you.​

Ah, 1960s Mad Men decor just got even cooler when you put it in your man cave. With your teak desk, vinyl sofa, bar cart, retro clock, and Lucky Strike art, you may just have to create a new category at the Emmy Awards for yourself (hey, the TV show won several of them, so why can’t you too?). What would be the category you win for? “Best mad-deningly brilliant design,” of course!