How To Make This Wildly Clever Gaping Hole Costume For Halloween

If you think a hole in one in golf is great, you’ll love this outrageous gaping hole costume for Halloween. Freak out your friends by creating a virtual hole in your stomach that simulates a gunshot wound – what’s not to like about that?! The costume is easy to make too if you have the right DIY guide.

That’s why we put together this step-by-step post, offering you THREE ways to make the ultimate Halloween outfit and the best price options to do so.

Note: You don’t need to be an expert programmer or have amazing makeup talents to pull off this stomach hole costume, regardless of which way you make it. Just follow the steps and be patient. It’s so worth it!

DIY #1: The iPad Method 

iPad 2 Halloween Costume

Total Cost




Required Skill


Cost Breakdown: 

  • Approx $320 for the two iPad 2,
  • $6 white tee,
  • $7 blood gel,
  • $8 duct tape

This method comes to you via NASA employee Mark Rober. He created the not-so-hole-some costume using two iPads, as well as some fake blood. Here’s how to create the awesomeness yourself.

What Supplies You Will Need:

  1. Electronics: Two iPad 2s, FaceTime app, and WiFi
  2. Makeup: 1oz. of fake blood
  3. Other Materials: One white t-shirt, utility duct tape, and scissors

Step 1: Prep the shirt

​We suggest you use a white shirt, and one that you don’t care about wearing again after Halloween night. It can be a t-shirt or sweater, your choice. The white color works best because it shows off the fake blood you later put on the shirt and makes the hole the focus (a shirt design may take away attention from the cool effect). 

Cut two holes in the shirt, one across the front and one across the back. Make both holes the size of the iPad 2 screens.

Next, apply fake blood around the holes in both front and back to simulate real blood.

Step 2: strap on the electronics

Strap one iPad 2 to your front and one to your back with duct tape, then put the shirt on overtop. Another option is to cover the holes with the iPads from the inside of the fabric using the sturdy tape.

Step 3: Make a FaceTime Call

Important: Make sure you have a good WiFi connection if you plan to do this costume when you’re out at a party. If it is a house party, ask the host beforehand if there is WiFi. If WiFi isn’t available, then carry a MiFi in your pocket (they’ll never know). Any mobile hotspot will do.

Then, connect the two iPads to the WiFi network (or equivalent).

Here’s the extra, super duper, clever part. Set up a FaceTime call between the two iPads (aha, now you see why you need WiFi). The iPad on the front shows what the iPad on the back sees in its camera, and vice versa.

The iPad 2 method of making the gaping hole costume is great because it does not require hacking or a lot of build time before Halloween night. Also, the amount of supplies you need is minimal.

Bonus Tips For Your Costume:

  1. Get a toy shotgun and have it laying close by you when your guests first find you. It will make the effect seem even more real!
  2. Don’t have a second iPad 2? See if you can borrow one from a friend. If you have a first generation iPad or a different tablet without a camera, you can play a video on it instead. Make it a realistic one though to carry out the illusion effectively.
  3. To make the blood look even more real, add a bit of black liquid face paint makeup gel to it.

DIY #2: The Old-School DVD Method 

Costume of Hole in Stomach for Halloween

Total Cost




Required Skill


Cost Breakdown: 

  • $80 LCD DVD player,
  • $60 digital camera,
  • $10 6v power source,
  • $8 5v voltage regulator,
  • $20 shoulder straps,
  • $6 white tee,
  • $7 blood gel

You need only basic tech knowledge to pull off this old-school version of making the gaping hole-in-stomach Halloween costume. It involves a DVD player and a generous amount of duct tape.

What Supplies You Will Need:

  1. Electronics: LCD travel DVD player, digital camera, 6v power source, 5v voltage regulator w/ flip switch
  2. Makeup: 1oz. of fake blood
  3. Other Materials: White shirt, duct tape, shoulder straps (2), cardboard, and scissors

Step 1: Build the apparatus

You can get shoulder straps off Amazon or another online store for cheap. Alternatively, just use a pair of suspenders or two belt buckles to DIY your own straps to hold together the DVD player and other elements, as per the image below.

Tape an LCD travel DVD player to cardboard at one end of the straps. Then, tape a digital camera to the other end of the straps using the same method. Use the image below as your visual guide.

Halloween Costume Features Hole in Stomach

Step 2: the tech setup

Set up a simple video feed. The feed goes from the digital camera to the LCD screen on the DVD player. A 6v power source runs the show, with a 5v voltage regulator to stabilize it. An LED flip switch on the regulator provides ease of control.

Step 3: Put on the contraption

Put on the apparatus so that the digital camera is strapped to your back and the LCD screen is at the front. 

Put the white shirt on over the apparatus and mark where on your shirt the holes will need to be cut to reveal the screen and camera. 

Step 4: alter the shirt

Take off the shirt and cut where you have marked the holes to go across your torso. Make the front one big enough to show the screen. Apply fake blood around the hole to simulate the trauma of a gunshot wound.

Then strap the devices back on and put the shirt overtop of it. Start the electronic feed. Now you’re all set to scare the bloody hell out of friends and family this Halloween!

DIY #3: The Raspberry Pi Method 

Halloween Raspberry Pi Stomach Costume

Total Cost




Required Skill


Cost Breakdown:

  • $33 Raspberry Pi Model B+,
  • $19 Pi-camera,
  • $52 Pi LCD touch screen kit,
  • $13 5v voltage converter,
  • $14 polymer lithium ion battery,
  • $28 GoPro Chest Harness,
  • $6 white tee,
  • $7 blood gel,
  • $26 liquid latex,
  • $5 skin tone paint

What Supplies You Will Need:

  1. Electronics: Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB, Pi 5MP camera board module, 7″ Pi LCD touch screen kit, HDMI cable, 5v regulator datasheet, polymer lithium ion battery
  2. Makeup: 1oz. of fake blood, 16oz. liquid latex
  3. Other Materials: White t-shirt, GoPro Chest Harness, compatible with almost all GoPro cameras (except the Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera) others, scissors

As with the other DIY methods, you won’t need any in-depth technical or programming skills here. Just use a little creativity!

Step 1: Set Up The GoPro Harness

Wearing the harness is a bit like wearing suspenders. In the front, put the touch screen, which will project everything that you record. It will have a control module connected via the HDMI cable.

At the back of the harness, put the Raspberry Pi, and place the Pi camera above it.​

Both modules will power through the lithium battery, with a voltage converter to 5 volts.

Step 2: Basic Program Software  

Use a Raspi running the Pi Camera script to feed the video from the back camera to the front screen. 

How to set up the program:

1. Get examples at Pic Camera; it’s a cinch with this resource.

2. Install the library, using python:

$ sudo apt­get install python­picamera

3.  Update your Raspberry (if not already done):

import time import picamera with picamera.PiCamera() as camera: camera.resolution = (1920,1080) camera.hflip = True camera.vflip = True try: except KeyboardInterrupt: while True: camera.start_preview() time.sleep(100) camera.stop_preview() pass

4. To create the script from the terminal, go to the Pi folder (use command cd)

5. Type the command sudo nano and then write the program. Save it using Ctrl+X and press accept.
6. Type the next lines as per this great guide. It enables you to turn the camera angle!

Step 3: Apply Latex  

Use the latex by putting it onto paper that is placed around the screen to make the wound seem more realistic and hide the edges of the screen. Once it dries, paint the entire latex area with skin color paint. To mimic a shotgun wound, also put fake blood overtop of the latex.

Step 4: Prep the tee & Final Assembly

Cut two holes in the white shirt. One is in the front, which will show the 7″ screen, and it is bigger than the hole you cut in the back, where there is the camera.

Lastly, assemble the costume. Put on the harness, including the screen with latex and makeup across it, and then over top of that is the tee. Lastly, apply fake blood to the shirt, around the hole, to simulate bleeding from the wound.

Hole Gunshot Wound Costume

The hole-in-torso costume is freakin’ awesome! You won’t have an outfit like anyone else and will be the hit of the Halloween party! The illusion is an attention grabber that your friends will be talking about for weeks to come. 

The method you choose to make the gunshot wound explosion costume will depend on what type of electronics you have, your budget, and the amount of time you can spend on preparation. The iPad 2 method is the simplest of the three, although the Raspberry Pi software lets you turn the camera if you want to do so. If you want to give your digital camera a new use, then DIY method #2 may be the one that most appeals to you. Whichever design you choose, your inner geek and magician will both embrace this costume on Halloween!

Electronic Illusion Halloween Costume