How to Get Approved for a Ham Radio Operators License

Ham radio, otherwise known as novice or amateur radio, is a fun hobby that can open up a lot of doors in the professional fields of communications, advertising and of course public radio.

Aside from the various equipment needed to start a Ham radio station, you will need a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in order to legally operate on a pubic frequency. This article will help you understand what it takes to get approved for this license.

There is an extensive test that the FCC will have you take when you apply for a Ham radio operator’s license. The FCC will not hold your hand or help you out with completing or preparing for this test. If you have not done so already, be prepared to do a lot of homework on operating a Ham radio station. There are several free resources on the internet to help you study and pass this exam.

The best way to get started in ham radio is by finding someone that already runs a station. These will be the people that can tell you what kinds of equipment to buy and how best to prepare for your FCC operators exam. You will be surprised how many people are running amateur radio stations in your area.

To find out who is operating a ham radio in your town simply visit the website of your counties’ professional regulations and licenses office and search their public records for ham radio operators licensed in your area. If your area doesn’t offer this information online, you can simply call or visit the office and have the information faxed or prepared for you to pick up.

Another great way to study for your exam is by joining a local amateur radio operators club or joining a virtual club online. The majority of these clubs will be more than willing to accept you and help prepare you for the FCC exam or give advice about your equipment and setup. You can also typically find high-quality used equipment in these groups at very good prices.

There are two exams you need to pass to achieve FCC certification. One is your Technician license and the other is your Operator license. You will need to find someone who can administer both of the FCC exams that already has a certification. This is another benefit of networking with other ham radio operators as they will usually be more than willing to administer the tests for you for free.

Once you pass both exams you will receive your ham radio operator’s license within three to six weeks. You are then licensed to purchase, repair and operate public frequency radio transmitters.

If you are interested in radio as a profession, you will be a step above your competition because you are already licensed and certified.

Operating a ham radio can be a fun hobby that could potentially turn into a full time career. You only need a dependable radio that might be simple newbie model or one of the suggested dual band mobile ham radios, and the license to operate. All it takes to get your ham radio operators license is a little hard work, some help from some like-minded colleagues and a lot of studying.