How to Get Actor Rainn Wilson’s Man Cave Office Now

And then there was the man cave office makeover. You can get this look for your lair that was originally created for Rainn Wilson of TV’s The Office. You may not be famous (yet) like Rainn, but we’ll do you a solid by helping you renovate your den like his room, as shown in the photo above.

1. ABC’s, Anyone?

Personalize your space with solid letter wall hangings of your initials. Several are available online in solid colors, and they look cool with a vintage paint finish over the metal. 

We like how Rainn’s first name initial is larger than the one for his last name. Tip: Make sure the letters you buy come ready to hang so that you won’t have to worry about drilling holes in them later. Save yourself some work, dude!

2. Tech It Up With A TV

Bring on the TV. Even though this space is primarily a home office, you deserve a break now and then. Plus, watching those Lakers games might inspire your work, right? Wink, wink. Let us tell you this tip that comes with experience: choose the biggest flat-screen television that fits your budget to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Also, measure the space where the TV will go on the wall before making the purchase; that way you ensure it will fit. If you’re going with a set that’s less than 42″ in diameter, the Samsung 40″ 1080p LED TV is a sweet choice. It’s got clear images, built-in Wi-Fi, and gives you access to games, movies and other media via its Smart TV feature. 

Wall mounted over your fireplace, your TV looks awesome and frees up your floor space too. Be sure to hide the wires to keep the look as tidy as Rainn’s place.

3. The Sweet Spot

The spot to sit down and watch TV or listen to your Bluetooth speaker pound out Snoop Dogg tunes is a sweet one. 

You’ll need comfy chairs (best to have two seats, so your buddy doesn’t doesn’t get all pissed off again). Get these Roundhill Wonda Bonded Leather Accent Chairs with wood arms. The leather comes in black or white; we think the black one is a close match to those in Rainn Wilson’s crib.

The material is a cinch to clean and durable. Lean back and take in an episode of The Office on Netflix. One of our faves is the Season 3 episode titled “Initiation” where Dwight trains Ryan for a sales call in a series of ridiculous lessons. 

4. Boring Lighting? Um, No

Why go boring when it comes to lighting? Put in pendant lights like in Rainn’s home office. They have style and add personality to your space.

Suspend the lights over your desk, coffee table, and by your entrance to spotlight those areas that you frequent. Add more than three pendants if you have a bigger room than Rainn’s space.

In silver steel, the look is timeless. It’s minimalistic too so that you and the rest of the room aren’t outdone (shudder at the thought).

5. For When You Have To Work (Sigh)

We like how the desk in this home office isn’t front and center. Instead, the room retains its man cave feel by having the desk in the back, with fun toys like the TV and guitar at the front. After all, a guy’s gotta have his toys!

When you want to get shit done or want a place to band your head, you’ll need your desk. Choose a shade of wood that matches with the wooden beams, door frame, and coffee table in your lair. Following this tip will help to give you a cohesive look for the room. 

The rustic look is manly, with room leftover for your PC, LED desk lamp with dimmable touch switch, and a globe.​

6. Shelve This

You’ll need shelving for all of your gadgets, photos, papers, books, and 1950s decor. Choose a combination of open shelves and closed cabinets to mix up the look. If you have lots of wires or tend to be a hoarder (we won’t judge you, this time), you could always hide that stuff behind the shelving doors.

Note: there are two free-standing shelving units in Rainn’s space, along with wall-mounted shelves; reach for the top shelves via a ladder.

Buy a wooden ladder or make it yourself if you want a DIY project to keep you busy on the weekend. It will only cost you about $20 to make one. 

Build Your Own Wooden Ladder

  1. What you’ll need: two 12ft 2×4 boards, two 8ft 2/4 boards, 36 deck screws (2.5″), a pencil, and exterior wood glue
  2. Begin by lining up and then clamping your 2x4s side by side
  3. Mark the center of the ladder’s future top run about 8″ from the top of each 2×4.
  4. Then mark the center of the other rungs; each rung should be about 16″ apart. Follow this guide for the rest of the steps to build your wooden ladder.

To get Rainn Wilson’s man cave office look, follow the tips above. From block letters hanging on the wall to the flat-screen TV, comfy chairs, desk, and pendant lights, you will be all set for a great day in your stylin’ crib. You’ll be the hit of The Office, you might even say.