How to Design an Avengers Man Cave with Epic Super Hero Style

1. Laser Up The Captain America Shield

Beam Captain America right into your lair, with this awesome décor projector ghost light.

It features a 5w Cree LED chip that beams the laser Captain America US shield badge onto any wall of your choice. Beckon Steve Rogers to suit up, bringing a piece of the ultimate action flick right into your personal den any time that you want.

Turn off the lights and beam the laser before you put on the flick to watch (again) for the ultimate fan experience.

2. Avengers Desk: Y’all Be Jealous

Yup, your buddies will be jealous, what more can we say? This desk is the ultimate staple for the Avenger’s man cave with its lit displays of the prized Captain America shield, Iron Man’s helmet, and Thor’s hammer.

Note the sleek glass top, stealth chambers for select Avenger’s exhibits and the stone-like material. Go ahead, give yourself major props for putting this super hero desk into the starring role of your manly space. Add a luxurious leather chair to complete the awe-inspiring look. If you keep styling your man cave this well, you really will get her to like you!

3. 3D Iron Man For A True Avengers Man Cave

Everything is better in 3D, right? Billionaire Tony Stark is smiling or at least he was before he got all serious and transformed into Iron Man for The Avengers 3D Wall Art Nightlight of the Iron Man Face.

This hand repulsor of the legendary armor shines brightly for extra lighting for the den and multi-tasks as your defensive weapon when villain Ultron is near. Iron Man explodes from the wall and into your uber-cool Avengers man cave.

Lucky for you, we found out how you can easily recreate this masterpiece!​

You thought Iron Man slamming in to your living room was cool? Let us spell it out for you in capital letters: ROBERT DOWNEY JR. SIGNED AUTOGRAPH! Go and try to beat that, Ultron! 

robert downey signature iron man

And just when you thought it doesn’t get any cooler – we proof you wrong! Mr. Tony Stark himself, sitting next to – well, himself…autographed and certified!