How the Easy Sushi Roller Will Help You Snag A Second Date

OK, yes, Valentine’s Day is coming. You’ve seen the massive Costco displays of heart-shaped candy, but you want something extra special for that gal you have your eye on. We get it. Hook that girl in with a sushi meal and you’re more likely to get a second date, according to a recent joint report from GrubHub and

Yup, the food Cupid favors is sushi, according to the latest research. People who ate sushi on the first date were 170 percent more likely to have a second date, according to the study. That’s good odds! While you could take her out to a restaurant, why not make the cuisine yourself instead in your man cave for a more intimate atmosphere? You can also customize the rolls, from tuna to tofu, based on her preferences.

Not a sushi master? Don’t sweat it. We’re stoked about the Easy Sushi 4.5 cm Sushi Roller, a clever tool made by a Frenchman (ironic?). It’s the real deal, turning out tight professional sushi rolls in only minutes. If you’re a beginner in the rolling arena, here’s your solution, and if you already know how to roll them, then you can save time by using this handy machine.

We love that every roll is uniform too, so it looks super professional on the plate. Say goodbye to the common issues of hand rolling, like the uneven rolls, rice packed too loose or the ingredients falling out of the sides. What a mess, and you probably don’t have ten years to perfect the craft of rolling perfect sushi like chefs at the hotspots downtown.

The 4.5 cm (1.8 in) wide roller is made from food grade plastic, so it’s durable, safe, and hygienic. We understand about cleaning being a pain in the butt, so we’re happy to report that the roller is dishwasher safe. Score!

Most of all, it’s a cinch to whip up classic Japanese cuisine to impress your lady on the first date. Just put in the wrapper, lay down your ingredients, close the cover, and pull the specially made traction sheet. Voila, tight, slick-looking rolls right before your eyes. She’ll liken you to Jiro Ono himself!

The black Easy Sushi Roller comes with one roller and one reusable traction sheet that you can replace when necessary. Use traditional rice paper as the wrap or vary it up with crepes, tortillas, and even leaf wraps. Make her an appetizer, full-size maki rolls, or create dessert rolls to accompany the kisses coming your way.

Get your sushi on for the first date and you’re more likely to get a second one. You’re going to look mighty fine in the eyes of your Valentine.

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