Here’s How To Make Liquor Even Better

And they said you couldn’t improve on liquor. So wrong, yo. It’s time to light up this joint!

This wall-mounted LED liquor shelf takes your home bar to the next level. The lit shelf looks as though it’s floating on your wall – especially after a few shots are consumed – and it fits up to 10 bottles across it. The lighting is energy-efficient and super bright, making it a great way to highlight your favorite bottles of vodka, tequila or other hangover-worthy brew.

This particular 3ft-long light shelf comes with three heavy-duty mounting brackets for ease of install. It has a water-resistant base and frosted lens cover, which makes for a cool vibe. Just plug it in and light up the bad boy! Now it’s officially time to pour yourself some dinner.

Did we mention the 44 key wireless controller yet? Um, no, you say. OK, let’s chat. Use the remote to light the shelf from the corner where you’re playing foosball. Also, just push a button on the controller to change its color, alter the brightness or create awesome lighting effects like color fade or flash.

Welcome to the man cave of awesome! Tipsy just got even more fun with this display for behind your bar. With about 50,000 hours of run life on this fixture, it’s bound to be around longer than the Terminator series. On a side note, is Arnold ever going to retire?

The next time a buddy comes over to your lair with a down look on his face, show him your liquor stash all LED’d up, and ask him if he wants to drink about it. Should help clear his mind for a while. If he can’t be happy, he might as well be drunk.

For the advanced drinker in you, here’s the perfect way to show off those beautiful bottles o’ deliciousness.