This Double USB Car Charger Is Healthy & Your Nose Knows It

This is a car charger that your nose knows it will love. What, you don’t believe us? Then keep reading.

The Ostrich USB Car Charger doubles as a car air purifier, providing the ultimate 2-in-1 experience. Let’s break down all of the options in this awesome compact car accessory, shall we?

Let’s say you travel a lot for business or are out for a couple of hours in the car. If your iPhone runs out of juice, well, you might as well be in a black hole. Your boss and clients can’t reach you, nor can your family in case of an emergency.  Don’t panic! Now you can charge your phone, with its camera and all, right away. And you can even still talk on your phone while it’s charging (just make sure you keep your eyes on the road).

With its dual-USB ports, you can even charge two devices at once. It is comparable with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android smartphone, digital camera, MP3 device, PDA, GPS, and other digital devices with 5V input.

So, as though that’s not awesome enough, you get an air purifier too. This Ostrich model purifies 99 percent of the air in your car, using active molecular oxygen, so you only smell clean, fresh air as you drive. Get rid of the toxins, including the lingering scents of cigarette smoke, farts, wet dog, and those unidentified smells that you can’t seem to get rid of in the back seat. You know what we’re talking about.

Just plug this sweet gadget into your cigarette lighter and hit the road; it’ll work its magic as you drive to your destination, charging as well as purifying the air. It fits nicely into the recess of your vehicle and is small enough to carry with you, so you always make sure your mobile device is charged.

It even comes with a lifetime warranty.  Not many items these days can boast that. Oh, and it’ll stop charging when the battery on your device is full, as well as confirming it’s fully charged with an easy-to-see LED light. So there’s no worries about overheating or overcurrent.

And you didn’t think a healthy car charger was possible? Well, we showed you.