He Gobbles Balls and No One Looks Twice

Pac-Man eats balls, and no one is thrown for a loop. Then, Ms Pacman comes along, and everyone’s like “Woah, she’s some prostitute!” Did you ever notice that?

Still, Pacman rocked when it first came out in the 1980s, and it still kicks ass. Arcade game 101, folks. Learn it and pass the course with flying colors (four colors, one for each of the ghosts, to be exact).

We love how this Pacman neon light sign pays tribute to the ghostly enemies that always seemed to hound Pacman. I wonder if my ol’ lady took notes from them?

The bright sign is made of glass and creates an awesome effect when you hang it in your man cave’s gaming area or on the wall behind your basement bar. It makes a bold statement with dimensions of 17″ x 14″.

Just plug the attached cord into the wall to turn it on and turn on the ladies, nom nom. Get all Pacman style. Woka woka!

Check out how the “C” in Pacman is lit up in yellow to represent the stud of the gaming scene who eats power bullets for breakfast and then takes those ghosts down. Enemies better watch out, yo. We heard a rumor that even Mayweather from The Matrix was scared of Pacman. Trick or treat? Is it Halloween already?

You may not have six-pack abs put you can have a four pac of ghosts when you get this awesome retro-inspired sign.