Hack: How to Create an NYC-Inspired Man Cave

So you say you’re a fan of NYC? If you want to convert a small space like an attic then you’re halfway there. Yup, apartments in the Big Apple are well-known for being cramped cozy.

Here are tips to create an NYC-inspired man cave now in ways you may not have considered before and pay homage to the city that never sleeps.

1. NYC Street Style

nyc wall decal for your man cave

Devote one wall to a large framed photo of the famous Broadway sign or this awesome wall decal. Pick a gritty photograph though, with a distressed look, rather than one that has perfect coloring, to make it more realistic.

After all, the city’s people can be crass as they call out to one another or hail a cab on the corner of W 44th and Broadway. Looking to save some money on wall art? Another option is to head to your local library, photocopy a few pages of The New York Times and then frame them within a colorful mat that adds visual interest.

2. Floor Fancy

nyc rug for your man cave

If you want to create an NYC feel for your man cave, a great way to start is with a quality rug. This black-and-white New York rug goes with any room color and features the iconic skyline that is synonymous with the Big Apple. The rectangular olefin rug has modern style it easily ties together your furniture around the NYC theme.

3. All Hail The Taxi

Go all out with yellow and black colors that are reminiscent of the taxis throughout the heart of NYC. Put black shades on a pair of saffron yellow lamp bases and then put one on your desk, with the other one sits across the room to provide lighting no matter where you are in the lair.

leather ottoman for your nyc man cave

Other ways to incorporate the taxi theme include using alternating yellow and black storage boxes to hold your magazines, remotes, and other items out of sight on shelves. You can also put a yellow fatboy bean bag as a foot rest in front of your black leather couch for a trippy ode to the famed city’s taxi cabs.

5. Map Out Your Desk Or Table

Pick up paper maps at your local school supplies store (true, not all navigation systems are on your iPhone!). You’ll need white glue and liquid resin too for this time-tested technique called decoupage. Glue the top of the table and apply the NYC map to it, and then glue the legs and wrap the paper around them.

You may find it helpful to remove the legs before working on them. You might need two maps, or even three, depending on the size of the surface areas. Avoid using too much glue as that makes ugly bumps. Once the glue is dry, fold under the edges and glue them in place. Paint the top and legs with resin according to bottle directions. Re-attach the legs to the table.

Are you looking for even more inspiration? If so, check out these three DIY coffee table projects for your man cave!

6. Go NYC On Your Electronics

So you’ve got your laptop and your sound system there in the NYC-inspired man cave, of course. Add NYC accents to coordinate them within your space.

Put an HD desktop wallpaper on your laptop of Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, or another of the city’s awe-inspiring sights. The skyline at night is a favorite. Add a “New York Strong” decal to your laptop and add another to your windows to complete the look.

For your stereo system, make sure you have tunes to suit your space, such as the Live in New York City album by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band or Portishead’s Roseland New York DVD.

7. New York Yankees Tribute

If you’re a fan of the New York Yankees, then you’ll want to include a tribute area to them.

Of course, you’ll have to make it multi-functional with a can cooler that has the Yankees logo on it. Other ideas are a fleece throw on the couch with the team’s logo on it, a metal Yankee’s fan sign on the wall, and a framed jersey hung on the wall. Bring the street-style of the Big Apple to your crib.

yankee man cave sign

From the cool B&W New York rug to the DIY mapped-out table, city-inspired tunes, and New York Yankee’s metal sign, there are tons of décor options. Get a decked-out space that makes your buddies jealous; yup, you have the unofficial capital of the USA right in your home!