Go Suck an Egg – Unless You Watch Game of Thrones

The dragon egg in HBO’s Game of Thrones represents the rebirth of a new line and the hope of amazing adventures ahead.

Now you can create awesome adventures when you store data (instead of dragons) in this egg. It’s a Game of Thrones flash drive that really looks like a dragon egg from the hit TV series. BTW, if you don’t watch the TV fantasy series then go suck an egg (don’t take it personally, it’s more fact than anything).

The shell surface looks like it has tiny scales all over it. It’s made of zinc alloy and has a vintage look. It even has a necklace or keyring attachment so you can keep it close to you at all times, showing your support for the one true King.

Open up the shell to reveal a dragon an ultra-thin, removable USB flash drive that is super fast. There are 16GB and 8GB versions. We link to the 16GB flash drive as, you know, bigger is better; it has a 2.0 memory capacity.

Use the egg to store your list of the complex family lines, maps of the known world based on The Lands of Fire and Ice, and a list of Season 5’s grammatical errors. You can also (spoiler alert) keep notes about the progression of Stannis from fan favorite to the object of “WTF, writers?!” after he burns his daughter alive.

When you can’t get enough of Westeros, this is a must-have item! Plug it into your PC or laptop in your man cave for your buds to drool over when they visit (provided you let them in, that is). Enjoy pulling out your dragon egg without it being all scandalous or perverted.

Store secret info within the egg, and allow only a privileged few to read it. Take a bit of the kick-ass series based on the genius books from George R.R. Martin to the next level with this USB flash drive.

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