Gifts for a girlfriend in her teens

Prom Date Gift ideas

Celebrate the special night when you officially graduate from high school into the real world with your special gal on your arm. Mark the prom occasion with these unique gift ideas for girls, depending on your budget. Take the stress out of the night by finding her a great present using these suggestions.

Girlfriend Leaving For College Or University

It’s sad to see her go, but she’ll remain in your heart. Give your girlfriend a memorable present that will keep you on her mind while she’s studying for university courses and settling into campus life. Showing her support with a special gift will help keep your long-distance relationship going strong.

Girlfriend Breaking Up With You

The bliss is turning into piss… Yup, it’s official, your girlfriend’s breaking up with you. Maybe she’s been cheating and now swears the new guy is the man of her dreams (which makes you say swear words and have nightmares).

Or, perhaps she’s giving you the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech… But still, you’ll take the high ground and end this relationship with a gift for the former sweetheart.

Mind you, this present is going to be cheaper than the other occasions because, well, you want to make it sting!

For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, and a heartthrob like you has to step up for the special occasion. Your girlfriend expects the softie in you to come out in full force today, and you aim to deliver. Here are Valentine’s gift ideas for girls that will blow her mind.

Girlfriend’s Birthday

She’s throwing a huge party for her birthday, and you’re the lucky guy who’ll be by her side. Don’t fall flat by giving her a lame gift. Instead, take inspiration from our list of the best gifts for women, whether your budget is under $100, $500, or $1000. Find memorable presents for any price range (aka so you won’t be in the doggie house).

Girlfriend’s Graduation

Whether your sweetie is graduating from high school, college, or university, she deserves a special present to celebrate achieving her goal. After years of slogging through books and falling asleep on your shoulder (not that you’re complaining), you are proud to be dating a full-fledged graduate. Show your girlfriend how much you care about her with these gift ideas sure to make her smile.

Monthsary With Girlfriend

This gift-giving occasion may not be a top one, but it is still likely to be important to your girlfriend. And, if she doesn’t remember when is your monthsary or monthly anniversary, you can charm the socks off her by giving her a surprise present!

Other Couple Anniversaries

The perfect anniversary present is one that celebrates your relationship and tells her how much you care. Whether it is an experience or a tangible item, we’ve got the bases covered with these gift ideas for girls. Get ready for some smooches from your lovely lady!

For Easter

Your girlfriend probably got chocolate or other candy for Easter from her ex-boyfriends, and you don’t want to be a repeat. Be more original than the last guy by giving her a present that even the Easter Bunny himself would give the nod of approval (floppy ears and all).

For Christmas

Santa Claus himself would approve of these choices of Christmas gifts for wife or girlfriend. He’ll be saying “ho ho ho” while you say “she’s no ho, she’s a whole lot of woman!” Fill her Xmas stocking full of goodness with any of these holiday gift ideas.