Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend –The Ultimate Guide

Even the manliest man has a soft spot for his better half. Sure, he spends a good part of his time in the man cave practicing the art of manliness (think a lumberjack crossed with a bacon lover, with a pinch of DIY).

But he also recognizes that his girlfriend can make his day brighter and fill his heart in a way no other person can do.

Now we don’t want to get all fluffy, but it’s true that a special lady can make all the difference in the world. So, it’s time to show her how much you care with this ultimate resource of gift ideas for your girlfriend on her birthday, Christmas, your shared anniversary or another special occasion.

C’mon man, she deserves it, and it’s a heck of a lot better than being served a seat in the doghouse.

Gifts For A Girlfriend In Her Teens

Does she like you? Text her to find out as she sits a row away from you during Math class. Give her three options: Yes, No, or Maybe.

If she answers Yes then you’re well on your way to being the new stud in high school, and that’s a good reason to fist bump. You’d better take a selfie of this profound moment in your life first though.

Just don’t slack off – after all, you want to keep her as your girlfriend, right?

She doesn’t mock you when a zit decides to make your chin its home for two weeks, and she listens to your problems, including bullying and meeting friends’ expectations, when you feel like your parents totally don’t get you.

Here are great ways to say thanks to your teenage better half, aside from a gum swapping session. Bring on the best gifts for girlfriend. Full steam ahead!

Gifts For A Girlfriend In Her 20s

Now that you’re both technically adults, it’s no longer okay to just gift her a box with a paper saying “I <3 u” inside of it. Nope, you’re going to have to step up to the plate now when it comes to gifts for girlfriends.

The only thing is that college or university is presenting a challenge for the two of you, keeping you from being the inseparable pair that you once were, and finding the true meaning of life all seems so overwhelming.

Take a deep breath and understand that we’ve been there! Here are great ideas to satisfy her, no matter what your budget is this year. 

Gifts For A Girlfriend In Her 30s

Now that she is in her 30’s, it’s time for concentrating on her career and big life changes, like having a baby and buying a home.

You want this special woman to continue to grow with you and a wonderful way to show support is with thoughtful presents on special occasions, such as the launch of her business or a gift for after she gives birth to junior (who is a priceless present, by the way).


Now you should have a mind full of clever, unique, and romantic gifts for your girlfriend or wife. If not, well, you’d better take another read. This is the ultimate guide in presents for the woman you adore, whether she is a teen, 20-something, or in her 30’s.

Never worry again about how to delight her on a special occasion as you can simply refer to this resource, even if you have a small budget. If you’re a big spender, there’s a range of great options here for you too.

We also recommend varying the kinds of presents you give your lovely woman throughout the year. For example, an experience present, such as a skydiving lesson, may be what you give her one holiday and then the next occasion you gift wrap a pretty ring.

In other words, keep her wondering what you’ll have up your sleeve next. The element of surprise can be romantic and exciting for any woman, and it keeps you looking like the stellar boyfriend or husband that you are at heart.