Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

Now that you’re both technically adults, it’s no longer okay to just gift her a box with a paper saying “I <3 u” inside of it. Nope, you’re going to have to step up to the plate now when it comes to gifts for girlfriends.

The only thing is that college or university is presenting a challenge for the two of you, keeping you from being the inseparable pair that you once were, and finding the true meaning of life all seems so overwhelming. Take a deep breath and understand that we’ve been there! Here are great ideas to satisfy her, no matter what your budget is this year. 

Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, leaving for university

Some of the best gifts for women are the ones that they never see coming. While she is going away to university, you can keep her in your heart with any of these sincere presents that are romantic, practical, or a combination of the two (kinda like you).

Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, landing a job

Way to go, sweetie-pie! She’ll rule the world soon (heck, she already rules the bedroom – and that’s a good thing). Congratulate your GF on finding employment and remind her how supportive you are by presenting her with the ultimate surprise. Need some inspiration? Read on, bro.

Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, going on a trip

It’s true that her degree just came off the printer but, hey, you will support your better half in her traveling passion. Wish her well as she embarks and make sure that she knows you’re still close by in spirit with these awesome gifts for women.

Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, buying a car

Your girlfriend has her first car, and she loves the freedom it brings her! While you miss driving her around everywhere because it gave you an excuse to see her, you notice that you have a lot more free time now to play Minecraft and other games in your man cave. Nothing wrong with that! But you still want your sweetheart to know you care, and you can do exactly that with an amazing present. Not sure what to get your Wonder Woman? Here you go.

Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, finding out she’s pregnant

Congratulations! Your girlfriend’s pregnant and you’re… potentially soon to be married. But, let’s stick to the whole baby thing right now. Given how many things pregnant women have to avoid, it can be difficult to know what are the best gifts for her. Here are some maternity gift ideas that the soon-to-be-mom would love to receive from you.

Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, getting deployed

You knew this day was coming, but you’re still not quite prepared for it now that it is here. The girl you are dating gives you the news that she is deploying, and you can barely string a few words together. Get your act together before your girlfriend leaves, so that she will have a great send-off with you and anticipate jumping back into your arms when she returns. Here are ideas for military gifts for women, depending on the size of your budget.

Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, moving in with you

You’re crazy for your gal and can’t stand being apart another night. It’s time to ask her to move in with you. It’s a serious step and worth celebrating by surprising her with a special treat. Gifts for the woman you love, after you ceremoniously sweep her through the doorway of your new abode in your arms, should include one of our recommendations here.

Birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

This day has to be special because it marks the celebration of your girlfriend’s birth and you don’t know what you would do without her. While you know it’s corny, your heart melts a little bit every time you see her. Tell her so in a birthday card, in addition to giving one of these presents to your amazing woman.

Couple anniversaries gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

Whether you two are celebrating a year of dating or another special milestone together, you know full well that you better deliver something your girlfriend or wife loves. It might be something fun or romantic. If you can’t decide what to buy as the couples anniversary present, here are some suggestions.

Valentine’s day gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

While a bouquet of red roses is the go-to present for most guys on Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to come across as typical. Instead, treat your girlfriend to a gift that sets you apart from the boys and helps her see you as the sensitive, kind man you are (now you have a reputation to live up to… No pressure). 

Easter gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

Hop, hop, hop. It’s Easter bunny time again, and that means, yup, yup, yup, it’s time for you to wrestle with finding your girl a gift as precious as she is. We’re here to help you out with suggestions for thoughtful presents to mark the holiday that is almost as big as Christmas for many people.

Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

As Santa’s appearance gets closer, you should prepare for the holidays by getting your girlfriend a present as terrific as she is. If you’re flip flopping on what to get here, don’t have a breakdown but instead, check here to see the gift options for the lucky lady.