Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, moving in with you

Gift ideas under $100

A perfect (and relatively inexpensive) housewarming gift for the woman who warms your heart is a heart-shaped keychain. She can add the door key proudly to it. If she’s not such a girlie girl, pick out a different keychain that isn’t so feminine, like one with her favorite baseball team’s logo on it. 

Another thoughtful touch is to get new bedding. Go to the home decor store with your GF​ and pick out new bed sheets, comforter, and pillows, all of which you buy as a joint decision. The new bed linens signify a fresh new stage in your relationship. If your girl gets cold easily, put an extra blanket on her side of the bed (yes, she gets a side!) for chilly nights.

If you have sleep issues, make your woman more comfortable in the home by seeking some​ nighttime remedies. If you’re a snorer, here are some natural bedtime solutions for her first night and beyond:

  •  If you normally sleep on your back, turn to your side. Changing your position will prevent the base of your tongue and soft palate from collapsing to the back of your throat, which causes the snoring sound when you’re on your back
  • Avoid alcohol as it will relax your muscles, including those in your tongue and throat, which intensifies the snoring
  • Clear nasal passages by having a hot shower in your manly bathroom before crawling into bed. It will help open up a clogged nose, in case a cold is responsible for the snoring

One or a combination of these tips may help to reduce your snoring. Your partner will enjoy a better rest and morning cuddles may become a great new routine too.

Gift ideas under $500

A gift idea for your woman that she will appreciate soon after moving in is noise-cancelling headphones. While you love your time together under one roof, it makes sense that there will be moments when you want to listen to music while she has her nose in a book, or she has friends over at the exact moment you’re craving a nap. Just put on the H501 Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear Headphones to keep the peace in the household.

The comfy headphones phase out 92 percent of background noise but also protect your ears from any loud sound. As stereo headphones, they provide rich bass and balanced sound quality too, whether you’re enjoying classics like The Beatles or the newest remix from Calvin Harris.

Or, if you’d rather present her with something more romantic, a nice cotton or terry bathrobe and matching slippers will be welcomed by most women. ​She can relax with her morning cup of coffee in this ensemble and also lounge in it on her days off as she lounges around the home you now share together.

Not sure which size of robe to get her? Rather than getting a one size fits all robe, which risks being too big for her, base the robe size on her dress size. If she is size 2-6, then pick XS or S for the robe; size 8-14 is going to be MED or LRG for a robe, and 16-20 dress size is the equivalent of XLG or 1X for robe size.​

Gift ideas under $1000

For the guy who wants to go all out to welcome his girlfriend into the home, jewelry is a great way to welcome her in lavishly. A wonderful symbol of your developing love is a 0.29 Cts Diamond Butterfly Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver with 16inch silver chain. Just as the butterfly emerges from its cocoon to show its beauty, your girlfriend’s beauty shines brightly too. Say thank you for being part of your life with this sparkling necklace that has precise craftsmanship, feminine design, and a good cut of diamond that sparkles beautifully as she wears the jewel around her neck.

Another option for the present is sexy lingerie (heck, it’s a present for you both as you go from room to room in the house, hyper about having sex with her in this hot outfit). Pick out a lacy bra and matching panties in classic red for a romantic touch or bright orange for more of a playful outfit. Add a garter belt for a touch of naughty.

Agent Provocateur is one of the top-ranked online boutiques for luxurious lingerie, including the fantasy pieces that make you salivate. Once the outfit is on her, compliment her to make sure she knows how beautiful she looks then slowly take it off, one item at a time, before giving her a steamy gift that involves both of you being totally naked.