Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, leaving for university

Christmas gift ideas for under $100

Once at university, your girlfriend will be juggling class projects and also want to stay on budget if she’s living on her own. Help her stay organized with a downloadable Student Planner. Get her academic career off to a great start customizable printable planners and spreadsheets all in one cute arrow-themed package.

Another low-cost option for your university-bound girl is to print out a picture of the two of you from your computer, smartphone, Facebook, or Instagram. Sure, you’ve been tagged a lot on social media, and now you can finally use it to show your romantic side. Put the couples photo into a nice frame and wrap it in paper covered with colors she loves.

Did you know that you can print out Instagram photographs? Yup. Companies like Social Print Studio offers users the ability to print your IG pics for cheap (only $12 for two 5inch x 5inch matte prints). You can even get the Instagram photo printed on a greeting card, magnet or button, if you want to give your special lady an event more creative present.

Looking for a third idea? Gift her a one-year membership to the local art museum. If she’s studying ​in a creative field, then she will love getting a bit of culture in her life, and you could even make some of the museum outings a date night.

Christmas gift ideas for under $500

A must-have item for any university student is a quality pair of headphones that cancel outside noise like her roomies and won’t disrupt people around her at the library. A great choice is a Master & Dynamics MH30 Black Headphones Bundle with MP1000 Black Stand. She can just rest the headset on the stand when not in use. This present is sure to be a hit with your other half! 

The design is modern and sophisticated, and the removable Lambskin-wrapped memory foam ear pads are super comfortable and breathable. The rich sound of the leather headphones is exactly what she needs as she listens to rock music to escape reality after a grueling exam or turns up the blues tunes to combat a bout of homesickness.

With an aluminum body and stainless steel components, the MH30 comes with a canvas carrying case that she can toss in her bag while she’s on the go on campus and will last her through to graduation (potentially even longer). Expect frequent late-night (uncensored) phone calls to thank you for the thoughtful present. 

As a second option for your girlfriend, ​you could plan the ultimate sendoff or last hoorah for her before she has to buckle down and study on campus. Treat the amazing woman in your life to a hot air balloon ride that makes her heart flutter as much as yours does when you see her. If you both are hopeless romantics then this is the perfect present.

TIP: The price of the sky-high ride depends on where you live but usually it is cheaper to book a weekday morning flight, with the next affordable option being the weekday evening flight. The most popular time (and, thus, most expensive session) is the weekend (AM or PM).

Christmas gift ideas for under $1000

Is the woman in your life is pursuing her university degree somewhere she has to brave the cold to get to class, this Canada Goose Women’s Trillium Parka is a great choice. It is down filled, has a storm placket with snaps, and four fleecy-warm front pockets. It comes in red, white, green, or blue.

If you’re not sure what size of coat to get her, ask her mom or a close friend. Another option to find the size without ruining the surprise gift is to peak at the label of a coat in her closet. Keep the receipt just in case she wants a more snug or loose fit and you have to return it for a different size.

Another choice is a fancy schmancy fountain pen in sterling silver. Have it engraved with her name to truly make it divine. Or, go with a winning choice… Jewelry! ​Gift wrap this stunning Blue Diamond Clover Pendant with sterling steel accents. The clover design says “good luck, sweetie,” while the diamond says “this boyfriend is a keeper.”

Are you looking for a unique way to wrap jewelry? Here are some great ideas for thinking outside of the (gift) box:

  • ​On top of the box, add a sand dollar or shell from one of her favorite beaches. Fix it on top of the package with ribbon. 
  • Use velvet ribbon instead of the regular kind. Take it up a notch!
  • Wrap the jewelry package in a map of the state where she will be going to university. Mark the location of the school on it with a red heart sticker.
  • Personalize the present with a wooden tag that you have put her name on with stick-on letters. Get the supplies at the local craft store for a few bucks.