Gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties, landing a job

Gift ideas under $100

It’s time to celebrate! You always thought your girlfriend was clever because she chose you but now you know it to be true because she’s landed a sweet job. It’s time to celebrate and what better way to do so than with some vino? 

Sure, you could take her to a nice restaurant and order two glasses of wine with a nice dinner, but that’s so run of the mill. Instead, liven it up by giving her the present of a Deluxe Wine Making Kit. This one from Strange Brew includes instructions, recipes, and all the equipment you need. In other words, you can be a complete newbie at this and still pull off a great batch of red or white. When you give her the gift, explain that you will make the wine together; the project will bring you closer together, as good hooch tends to do.

​Or, you can go the DIY route and collect all of the equipment yourself, sans kit, and even go so far as to make a bottle of fruit wine for her. Just follow the steps in this crafty guide.

PSST: Save a few bucks on the label for the bottle by printing out a free label online. Google “free printable wine labels” and you will find pages of templates to download and print off without spending a cent. Put her name on the label and the date of her first day of work. After her first day is done, it’s time to uncork this special bottle and party!  

Gift ideas under $500

Now that she has this kick-ass position at the office, she wants to keep it! Help her do just that by gifting her a 12-month subscription to Audible.

For about $150, you will be giving her one credit per month if she is an Audible member already, she can get all credits at one time) to use to listen to books in the industry she loves working in now. She will be ahead of the game at work, and her boss will be impressed by her skill level. Your girl will thank you for this caring present by wearing a sexy nightie tonight.

Another present that is one of the best gifts for any girlfriend who is going to work her arse off is ​an iPhone 6s Boostcase in gold color. This detachable charging case will mean her precious phone is always charged so she can stay in contact with her closest friends and handsome boyfriend (hey that’s you) even when she’s working late at the office.

She can also use it to order Chinese food after her boss leaves for the day. The color gold is so appropriate as she should win a medal for having stolen your heart (yes you can groan here).

Gift ideas under $1000

Oh dear, how will she carry her file folders and laptop with her to work? Good thing you have the solution to calm her down. Your boyfriend-of-the-year present is a lavish Etwas Standard No. 2 bag that will not only carry her documents but also look amazingly professional slung over her shoulder.

The timeless appeal of this bag is clear, while its beeswax and pine tar conditioner renders it waterproof. The extra-heavy leather helps keep her valuables safe from the elements. The hand-stitched bag even comes with free repairs for life. This bag will go with up the corporate ladder, along with her!

Another idea for a congratulatory present that the recently-employed woman will love is a gift certificate to her favorite lingerie store. Tell her that you want her to feel confident in her new job position, and you know that is exactly what she will do when she feels confident from the inside out.

She will love wearing all new bras and panties that she got with the lavish gift card. You will enjoy disrobing her on your bedding after her day at work and seeing the sexy items she picked out at the store.​